Tales of Zestiria Sees The Franchise Make A Big Push To Break The West | IGN

IGN's preview for Tales of Zestiria, along with the first fifteen minutes of gameplay and an English versus Japanese comparison of the voice overs.

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TheColbertinator1180d ago

Whatever happens this fall I'm glad Namco Bandai took a chance with Tales in the west again. Graces F really brought a great genre some much needed attention

babadivad1180d ago

Graces was sooo good. Much better than Xillia In my opinion.

Spotie1180d ago

Can't agree there. Although I did play Greaves pretty heavily when I first got it, I played Xillia nonstop to completion.

NewMonday1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Graces progression system was the best in a Tales game

Star Ocean is also the same type of game with bigger production values, look for it next year.

Jubez1871179d ago

Yea I'm a Graces guy (look at avatar). I like when the camera is behind of the character in combat rather then the traditional fighting style view.

SilverClock1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

It's hard to think of a Tales game that I don't like. It has everything I want in a game. Beautiful environments, a long story, fun combat, interesting characters, and local multiplayer (which is getting harder to find nowadays)! Can't go wrong.

killbillvolume121180d ago

Im also happy its coming on pc :D purchased it ages ago hopefully it meets the preorder tier to get Tales of Symphonia for free.

1180d ago
Spyroo1180d ago

After seeing more Star Ocean 5 recently. This Takes of Zestiria looks like shit. I cancelled my Preorder.. This looks like a budget game next to Star Ocean and ugly as hell also locked to 30fps

PhoenixUp1180d ago

Tales and Star Ocean are very intersecting action RPG franchises

Spyroo1180d ago

Star Ocean 5 already looks much better

babadivad1180d ago

If you've never played a tales of game you don't know what you're missing. They're the best *subjectively* and certainly the most unique RPGs around. I buy whatever console a Tales game comes out on first. Also, have to add. Yuri is the best main protagonist I've seen in any game. That dude was a beast. He definitely wasn't the typical good guy. He was almost an antihero. He literally killed an unarmed, unskilled *admitted evil* mayor/governor in cold blood and didn't bat an eye. Just murdered the dude. You don't see stuff like that in JRPGS. Not even in tales games, he was definitely an outlier.

slappy5081180d ago

Really looking forward to this , I have the tales series to thank for getting me into JRPGs, it was the combat that hooked me in. My most anticipated holiday release before Fallout hits

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