10 XBLA Games You Should Own

Wanna spend your Microsoft Points on a XBLA game wisely? Here's a list of the must have games currently available on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

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DarkSniper4321d ago

Zero. That is the number of XBLA games worth purchasing. Dark Sniper cannot see how the delusional Microslaves support a downloading service that deletes content. Meaning if you were to buy an XBLA game, you may not get to play online with the Xbox Live community 6 months from now because Microsoft decided to drop support of said game.

Highway robbery at it's finest. Only Xbox 360 can provide a gamer with that kind of disappointment.


Ogrekiller4321d ago

how long you'll hold out when Shenmue 2 comes out as an XBL original

THWIP4321d ago

Zero. That is the number of DlckSniffer's posts worth reading. :o

4320d ago
ape0074321d ago

xbla has very good games


psn arcade games are much better than xbla

pixel junk and elefunk proves it

stardust FTW

nirwanda4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

for a couple of reasons
1 you can try before you buy yes there is more [email protected] but you can easily filter it out with a demo.
2 purchasing with points I'd never trust MS or sony with my card details plus I have a friend who gets a 20% staff discount so it works out much cheaper to pay with points (although this will change soon with PSN cards)
3 regular updates at least one new game to trial every week even if you don't purchase it you get something new to try out.

BTW no disagree from me everyone has there own opinion which makes neither me or you wrong

NanoGeekTech4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

I never purchased a game from LIVE....and I have own my 360 since launch day PS3.... I have purchased a few games... I have made more purchasing online with my PS3 than I have done with my PC..

PSN does have some really good online games I am rather impressed. I recently purchased Siren: Blood Curse pretty entertaining game for an online only game.

I do love UNO for 360 which I got for free when I both my 20gig HDD...

PSN: ProPaperPusher

spectyre4321d ago

but Uno is one of the titles I wish we had. My kids love saving up their draw 4's to slam their dear ol' dad.

xm15e2s4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

UNO on XBLA is a blast. Your kids would love it.

Just don't hook up your camera (if you get one) ! UNO is crawling with pervs and pedophiles doing all sorts of crap in front of their cameras.

*The person who disagreed with this is probably one of those pervs. lol

PoSTedUP4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

i love poker, i love poker games. sony made the best poker game to date, its better than any of the "world series of poker" games. its madddddd fun man, #1 online poker game i sware, BUY IT!

PSNid: StreetVeteran .......I'LL TAKE YOUR MONEY!

InMyOpinion4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

I'd want to add Golf: Tee It Up!, Sensible World of Soccer, Roogoo, Mr. Driller Online, Exit, N+, Streets of Rage 2(awesomeness), Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Carcassonne, Undertow, Switchball, Mutant Storm Empire, Marble Blast Ultra, Cloning Clyde(love it) and Assault Heroes 1 & 2.

nirwanda4320d ago

alian hominoid, worms, gripshift, bomberman, texas holdem all and very soon Braim, castle crashers and SSF2HD.

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