Uncharted 4 Voice Actor Nolan North Working With Warner Bros on Another Big Video Game Series

North has lent his larynx to a ton of games, including Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted, Call of Duty, Halo and many more. At this point in time it’s getting hard to find a popular mainstream video-game franchise that he hasn’t featured in.

That’s not going to change anytime soon, either. The man of many voices has let slip that he’s actually working on another “big, big project”.

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DarkOcelet1543d ago

Its either Justice League or a Batman Beyond game.

chrish19901543d ago

My 2 quid is on a justic league game. Warner is pushing the super hero movies out hard, so it makes sense it would do the same for games. Just hope it's not a turd...

DarkOcelet1543d ago

Making a game with Superman in it will be a bold and a challenging move. If it is true then i hope its not a cash grab game because a game of that caliber will be extremely hard to make.

chrish19901543d ago

I dunno how they would even make him a balanced character. He' Superman: the most OP character ever! Mind you, the one that came out years ago was ok, if a decent developer with enough money took it on... Id go with it.

ISHU1543d ago


Give the superman game to Rocksteady. I'm sure they will figure something out.

chrish19901543d ago

I dunno, I'm probably gonna get slammed for saying it, but I'm tired of the free-flow combat. Something fresh would be a bit of alright.

ISHU1543d ago


Yeah, the free-flow combat wouldn't suit superman anyway. He's a freakin' god lol! Hopefully they will find something that works with him. Been waiting ofr a good superman game for a long time now.

milohighclub1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Free flow could work. Instead of punches n kicks is super powers... when superman attacks the enemy he super speeds towards them like in man of steel when faora is facing the army... would be cool or is the free flow worked for dodging at super speed. Could be a cool mechanic to play around with :)

But my guess is another batman game, with him voicing penguin

Revolver_X_1543d ago

If Nolan isn't the voice of Superman, we aint talking!

jb2271542d ago

Yeah it's kind of a no brainer. WB Montreal will drop a Suicide Squad title in time for that film, considering they already seeded it in Arkham Origins, and Rocksteady was seeding a lot of Justice League characters in Arkham Knight, plus that dual play aspect seems like a testing ground for a proper JL game where the player can switch between characters. I don't think they'll be movie tie-ins as they will still be set w/in the Arkham universe, but WB will push to release them in the time frame of the films.

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Immorals1543d ago

There will never be a good Superman game without compromising who Superman is.

Blaze9291543d ago

Meh, I mean this dude's voice is in like damn near every video game lol. Not really shocking he's in another one

skulz71543d ago

Might be that Superman game that was leaked a few weeks ago.

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