Tales from the Borderlands Episode 4 – ‘Escape Plan Bravo’ Review (Invision Community)

Tales from the Borderlands is another game developed by Telltale Games in their line of Episode Point-and-click adventure games, following in the steps of The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. With the companies rise to popularity of late they have taken upon themselves to create several different games within the same time span, with a Minecraft Telltale game being announced just recently people have seen a link to this and the quality of rushed products. Is Tales from the Borderlands affected by the increase in workload?

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Vaneriuz1180d ago


Personally i'll easily give this episode a 4.5/5. Maybe the best so far. I laughed so hard several times! When they're going up into space, when they walk out in slow motion with that theme song, and deffo when "Vasquez" takes down all those employees with his "hand"gun. :D Haha, it's so well done it's priceless.

And you gotta love Warburton as Vasques! The man's a god damn natural! Perhaps the funniest voiceactor. That voice and delivery... Haha.

coolman2291180d ago

I thought this was a terrible episode. Not as bad as episode 2 but certainly the most baffling one. It rarely had any funny jokes (a problem every episode after the first one has had) and was full of absurd padding and completely nonsensical plot points. I can't be the only person who was confused and a little bothered by the whole fake gunfight that was just a really bad joke stretched out too far. The writing of the game has been awful past the first episode and I'm prepping for disappointment with the last one. I was bored to tears in this episode.

Even the intro was bad. Bad song, boring overall. At least the intros have been good despite how bad the episodes are but episode 4 is just boring.