StarCraft II System Specs - Havok in the Physics continues to delve into the System Requirements of StarCraft II, and looks further into the physics engine used by the game. Havok will potentially bring previously unseen physical effects to the game:

"Havok Tools make up a portion of what will feature in the Blizzard engine that powers StarCraft II. What exactly Blizzard developers will do with the tool is completely up to them and some effects could be as yet unseen, but it is likely to have a focus upon the unit models and wrapping that emulation of real world physics to their movements, and it is likely to feature in the terrain and objects destructibles, that is the character models and the world environment."

This is the second part of a series where the site's PC tech guru is exploring all known (and unknown) facts about the StarCraft II system specs. It was preceeded by an analysis of the players' system requirements, and the next part will according to the site be about multicore processor interaction with StarCraft II.

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Leord4322d ago

Well, I thought I had a pretty good grasp about the mechanics behind the physics. This "Kalos" dude apparently knows quite a bit (yeah, I know him ^^). Most impressed! ;)

kalos4322d ago

It's not much beyond logic and reading, not like I went out of my way to study this or made a career out of it :P Just the writings of a very enthusiastic person awaiting what looks to be a great game. Starcraft is back!

Leord4322d ago

For all I know, you could indeed have done college studies on it =P

God knows it's advanced enough to require hours of reading just to grasp the basics ;)

Good to have friends who can make articles about it, so I don't have to! =D

SCFreelancer4322d ago

It would be nice if they would find a way to actually keep the remains of a unit or structure that has been blown to pieces in the game without a performance hit.

Kirstenlottesovs4322d ago

I don't get why blizzard doesn't want to port their games to consoles.. It could be insanely profitable!

karlostomy4322d ago

to the 360/ps3?

Millions of buyers would be happy!

Leord4322d ago

They weren't that happy about the N64 port....

kalos4322d ago

Hehe, I remember the old Warcraft II console game, poor controls but had tons of extra cutscenes and story clippings added around the campaigns, that was a great game...

Leord4322d ago

They have been talking about porting the game to consoles as well, but their main thing about is that they'd like ALL SC players to play on equal terms, and on the same network. That's one of the reason why console ports for game.

On the console note, Blizzard is of the firm opinion that the biggest marketing is on PC, and instead of KILLER DRM, they enhance the online experience to the point where playing offline doesn't feel like an option. Ergo: people buy the games, and not use piracy. Why can't other developers learn from this.

Also, just because I said that, it means SC2 and/or D3 will be FULL of horrid DRM =P

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