Microsoft says Xbox One's backward compatibility shows 'we listen' to gamers

While the Xbox One may not have had the best start to this generation, Microsoft has certainly learned from its less wise decisions and made the necessary changes. Currently, the Xbox One is a console that has received some of the most consistent, quality exclusive content between it and the PS4, and that has helped the console gain a major step up on the latter.

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StrayaKNT1541d ago

We know you listen. The amount of AAA exclusive ip on xbox one is amazing and sets it apart from the rest imo.

Griever1541d ago ShowReplies(2)
bouzebbal1541d ago

yeah cool your life bro..
amount of AAA? i mean regardless of everyone's tastes, amount of AAA is way higher on both PS4 and Wii U.
If you mean by that that the AAA on x1 fit more your tastes then alright i cannot criticize your tastes.

_-EDMIX-_1541d ago


I mean...Griever's list is a huge reason why PS4 is outselling XONE around the world right now.

I mean Stray, many of those IPs didn't have them sell the most last gen, not sure why this gen would be any different.

DragonDDark1541d ago

The amount of disagrees Griever got just proves his point.

gangsta_red1541d ago


What does one tastes and personal opinion(s) have anything to do with sales?

Maybe those disagrees is because some people just can't handle someone else preferring another brand and always have to run into an article and post lists of PS4 games as if that would change the opinion of others.

Septic1541d ago

Grievers list is full of so many cack games though. Zzzzz.

That's like me listing zoo tycoon and Screamride... I don't bother because its pointless. Im tempted to, to make a point but its not worth it.

Shoddy lists man.

Convas1540d ago

Griever listed a bunch of multiplatform games as exclusives. I thought that was a No-No?

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PhucSeeker1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Their new exclusive AAA IPs look great and all. But their amount is not really that amazing. I mean the Ps4 just got itself a bunch of awesome exclusive games from TGS. And we still have Ps exp left too.

MSBAUSTX1540d ago

From TGS? Games coming out in 2017 or late 2016? Lol ok

PhucSeeker1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

So? Doesn't stop them from being awesome games.

muzikjunkie801540d ago


i think you need to think about what you are going to type.

when ps4 launched what game was bundled with every ps4?

wasnt it killzone shadow fall? a shooter?

people like you need to realize that both consoles have their fare share of racing games and shooters. let me clarify.

killzone sf - shooter
cod ghosts - shooter
cod aw - shooter
drive club - racer
rocket league - action racing
uncharted collection - action adventure shooter
uncharted 4 - action adventure shooter
mad max - action adventure with beat em up/shooting elements
project cars - racing
need for speed rivals - racing
battlefield 4 - shooter
new need for speed game - racing
the order 1886 - cover shooter
blacklight retribution - shooter
loadout - shooter
destiny - mmo shooter
borderlands - shooter
cod bo 3 - shooter
wolfenstein new order - shooter

saying xbox one only has shooters and racing games is a tad short sighted considering that about 70% of ps4s library are shooting games in some form or another.

as for rpgs or jrpgs i could care less thats why i skipped bloodborne along with about 50 other people that i personally know who own a ps4.

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Thatguy-3101541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Listen to gamers because they have no other choice since they started off bad when they tried pitching the Xbox one. There is a difference from doing things because you HAVE to than doing things because you're genuine. Give them props for beign "for the player" and if these actions that they've made are genuine then we should see them throughout the Xbox one life cycle. Just out of curiosity why wasn't BC part of the Xbox one to begin with? I mean seeing how they knew that many people wanted it to begin with.

Tedakin1541d ago

They didn't think it was possible. They said their engineers figured it out recently.

Tedakin1541d ago

6 disagrees. Disagreeing with facts and official announcements. This site is ridiculous.

tuglu_pati1541d ago

Don't mind disagrees, anything you say will get disagrees it's just how it works around here.

Saranya1541d ago

pitching the Xbox one? That's Don Mattrick did it.

RiseofScorpio1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

The end result is still the same, don't see why your putting a negative spin on this. They improved because they wanted to improve perceptions.

NeoGamer2321541d ago

Name one company that listens because it WANTS to not because it HAS TO.

That is really lame. Companies exist for one thing and one thing only. Make money. Their WANT/NEED to listen to people is directly proportional to how much money they make off people.

If a company exists not to make money it classifies itself as not-for-profit. I don't see Google, Apple, Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony in that category.

Davi1231541d ago

With this sentence MS did, i think they aren't listen nothing, is just to pass the message of: «trust us please, XBone will be great!»

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triple_c1541d ago

Microsoft does seem to be listening to their fans more than Sony has as of late in terms of features.

I mean, why do we have to wait 6 months for updates? Where's the updates? Where's the backwards compatibility? Where's EA Access? Where's the ability to change our usernames? Where's the features we've been asking for since the PS4's launch?

DragonDDark1541d ago

I would rather have an update full of features than an update with one feature.

Black0ut1541d ago

That just doesn't even make sense. Stop trolling and go back to your own articles.

magiciandude1540d ago

I would rather have more features than less.

fxa52091541d ago

And yes, Sony is listening to their fans since many of the fans were complaining about the frequency of updates on PS3.

NeoGamer2321541d ago

I see this comment a lot.

But, I think they should've looked at why fans were complaining about the number of updates. Whenever, I turned my PS3 on or loaded a game it seemed like they both needed updates.

But, after the updates I would see no changes. It was annoying. They did updates frequently because stuff just didn't work. What we are seeing on X1, is that almost every update adds something new that gamers can use.

And that's the difference. Updates that make a positive change vs updates that fix stuff.

elarcadia1541d ago

I highly, highly doubt PS4 will ever have backwards compatibility like the Xbox is getting. The physical software between the PS3 and PS4 are worlds apart. I'm sure we'll see more digital BC from Sony as time goes on, but the physcial disk capabilities are going to be all Microsoft for this gen.

PudgeyBurrito1541d ago

This is very incorrect. The software on both PS3 and PS4 are very similar. Both are unix distro variants and software is logical not physical. It's the hardware that would be the issue for PlayStation as they have used very obscure architectures across multiple platforms and thus is why it's hard to emulate. The percentage of people that play old games with new consoles is very small and even then a lot of gamers will mostly have their ps3's if need be if they didn't trade it in to play ps4 games.

elarcadia1541d ago

Obviously the hardware is substantially different. That is a given. However, to simplify the idea, I just focused on the software. As one article states, "Asking Sony to emulate the PS3 with software is a bit like asking why you just can’t put PC disks into the PS4 and have them work". Don't tell me the software is not part of the problem, because it is. There was a reason the PS3 could play some PS1 disks, but not PS2. The hardware, particularly the processors, are obviously the bulk of the issue, but software differences play a part as well.

Davi1231541d ago

OMFG! And what XBots have complained about? I just hear XBots saying that XBone is perfect. None of you have complained of XBone didn't have BC!

MS magically with their crystal ball guess what you want. Awesome! PS4 users had complained about DLNA and now they have. We had complained about the light bar and now we have 3 levels of brightness. We complain about the feature of rest mode and now we have it. Got it? Sony hear their fans, deal with it!

MSBAUSTX1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

I demand a ban of this guy for using the term "Xbots" in a derogatory manner!

343_Guilty_Spark1540d ago

I honestly think they've always listened more.....Sony just has been around gaming nearly double the amount of time Xbox has been around. They simply have a larger global base. The Playstation brand is what most people know.

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RiPPn1541d ago

One has to wonder if this feature would exist if the Xbox was the console leading the generation..?

That said we will never know and I like Microsoft on its heels because we saw what a generation leading Microsoft does, they get complacent and focus on casuals like they did from 2009 - 2013.

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