Ghost Games explains why Need for Speed is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC only

When the PS4 and Xbox One first launched back in November 2013, some games that were released were exclusive to the new-generation only, while the vast majority still hit the previous-generation too. Now that gaming is nearing the start of the systems' third year, developers and publishers are close to being completely moved on from the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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mysticwolf1549d ago

good call from Ghost.
It's time to let the last gen been put to rest.

freshslicepizza1549d ago

what was their reasoning for not just focusing on the new hardware last year?

USMC_POLICE1549d ago

They did! That's why there was no need for speed last year!

freshslicepizza1549d ago

i meant need for speed rivals

USMC_POLICE1549d ago

Probably because it was the first year of the system so not as many had PS4 XB1 as now so it didn't make as much financial sense.

1548d ago