Gamernode: NCAA Football 09 Review

Gamernode writes: "NCAA Football 09 is a safe game. While it finally delivers on the features fans have been asking for in recent years, it also doesn't drastically change the tried and true formula which put the NCAA Football franchise where it sits today. Instead, it subtly tweaks the experience. The result is a competent game with the typical nagging errors which will bother the casual crowd more so than the hardcore elite.

The biggest play NCAA Football 09 has in its playbook is Online Dynasty. Finally, we can experience the deep Dynasty experience with twelve other players. Crafting your school's team while competing with your buddies online is something NCAA Football 09 gravely needed, and I appreciate EA finally listening to their fans. This addition alone is worth a purchase for the hardcore crowd, and some can argue even for the casuals, who wonder what NCAA Football 09 is all about."

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