Omega Force's Attack on Titan to Have English Language Version

The game will have an English language version when released in Asia.

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NewMonday1551d ago

all Japanese games should be like this, then all we would need is an Asia account

5yb5n6u1551d ago

ah, the joy of region free gaming

JudgmentJay1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

Nice, hope we get the option for japanese voices with sub for the Western copies! Cant beat that original voice cast!

poppinslops1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

Does this mean there won't be a dubbed version?

Usually this wouldn't bother me, seeing as most animes are set in Japan (or a sci-fi/fantasy version of it) and feature Japanese characters - but none of Attack on Titan's cast are Asian except for Mikasa... this reasoning led to me watching Code Geass, Black Lagoon and Hellsing with dubs - besides which, I just can't see an Attack on Titan game selling well in the West without the voices of Troy Baker & Co.

Imortus_san1551d ago

The anime was fantastic, the game humn, it wont be that good, but lets hope its at least a good game.