PS4 Exclusive The Tomorrow Children Gets Shiny New Trailer; Shows Awesome Visuals and Gameplay

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia released just now a brand new trailer of the upcoming PS4 exclusive The Tomorrow Children.

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jon_snow1126d ago

OMG, Completely forgot this beauty. It looks so unique, looks awesome.

Abriael1126d ago

Yeah, the gameplay is interesting too.

jon_snow1126d ago

Any info on release date?

freshslicepizza1126d ago

was intrigued from the first time i saw it but once again no release date.

NukaCola1126d ago

Sort of seems like an RTS. Is there co-op, MP, NPCs or can you play with multiple charaters??

jon_snow1126d ago

It has co-op, mp and npc which is confirmed from people who played private beta. Don't about multiple character though.

InMyOpinion1126d ago

I've been following this closely and can't wait to play it!

bouzebbal1126d ago

looks weird.. i need a demo before i can see what this is exactly.

...and please, stop with "shiny" in every single title!

Nekroo911126d ago Take in mind its and early early build, so the game changed quite alot untill now

Vitalogy1126d ago

I already tested this and I can tell you that it is weird and, in my opinion, very boring.

nix1126d ago

this game is so rad.. i don't even know what to make of it... lol.

TheLordOfStuff1126d ago

I totally forgot about this, I'm still pretty devastated I didn't get into the alpha(or beta can't remember) looks very interesting, I would like a demo to see how it all feels though

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The story is too old to be commented.