PS4 Version of World of Tanks Officially Announced: 1080p Screenshots Released

After yesterday's leak, it was only a matter of time, and during Sony Computer Entertainment's pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference for the Asian market Wargaming officially announced the PS4 version of World of Tanks.

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ScorpiusX1180d ago

Kind of sad that every PS article the writer has to mention resolution , seem that just say screen shot isn't enough anymore . How sad

Nanux1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Kinda agree, but there is difference between 480p and 1080p screenshots to view more details. I think this game is 1080p on XO too so don't be sad, just play the game.

ScorpiusX1180d ago

Yes its 1080 on Xbox one ,as for the difference all that needs be said is the platform name and resolution numbers should be automatic knowledge .

Haru1180d ago

Why does that bother you? I didn't even notice it untill you mentioned it, seriously stop being so butthurt and enjoy the game

ScorpiusX1180d ago

Your lying , know why cause the article titles states it.

Elit3Nick1180d ago

I definitely recommend this game, don't judge it for being a F2P game, you can unlock all the non-premium tanks without spending a dime.

FITgamer1180d ago

I wouldn't say it's trash, but it does get boring pretty fast. I played for about a week a few years ago, haven't played it since.

Rookie_Monster1176d ago

Abriael, any confirmation on the frame rate yet? heard conflicting reports that it is not 60fps anymore and is in fact 30fps.