Forza Motorsport 6: The most refined and realistic racing sim the Xbox One has ever seen |Daily Mail

Speeding along the Nürburgring at night, wipers working overtime as the rain pelts down onto the windscreen of a heavily tuned camo painted Nissan 350Z with visibility at a minimum due to the spray from the car ahead, it became apparent that not only is Forza 6 visually stunning – and it is truly stunning – but mind-bendingly realistic.

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PFFT1548d ago

A buddy of mine got himself the Forza 6 Xb1 special edition BUT unfortunately he told me he got the E200 system error. Amazon told him to dispose of the console and that he would get a full refund in 7 days.

Bigpappy1548d ago

I can help him "dispose of it". Just PM me with a copy of the receipt.

donthate1548d ago


The console is still available (in the US at least) on Amazon. They can exchange it?

Amazon is really good about that sort of thing so I'm not understanding your comment....

meche3341548d ago

is some fanboy saying xbox is trash and saying to throw it away

christocolus1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )


Lmao. I was confused too about his comment. Didn't know if he was serious, offtopic or trolling its very difficult to tell on N4G.


Lol. I was thinking the exact same thing. makes a lot of sense though.

meche3341548d ago

Lol dispose the console for an e200 eror. i dont even this this happens on 2015 consoles

u4one1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

They'll exchange it no problem. I've exchanged several things with Amazon. something tells me you're just trolling though.

u4one1548d ago

E200 must be the "irked it scored better than drive club user comment" error. I bet lots of people on here have that error.

FlexLuger1548d ago

LMAO!! Bubs up that was funny! Forza is rockin that boat!

PFFT1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Its the truth. And in no way am i trolling. lol what i wanted to say is that it sucks that his console was DOA cause it is a badass looking console. And i am not a fanboy BY far i own both consoles. But i am playing the XB1 more than my Ps4 currently. My GT/PSN is LONEWOLF231 if you guys want proof. Also here is a pic of the console and the E200 error.

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Fishy Fingers1548d ago

Watched my house mate play quite a bit as well as having a few races myself and the physics are absolutely spot on. Game just seems the complete package.

bunt-custardly1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

"Speeding along the Nürburgring at night, wipers working overtime as the rain pelts down onto the windscreen"

Can anyone tell me how I can unlock the night racing in the rain please?

Rain is hazardous enough in the day so night racing in the wet must be incredibly challenging and something I'd love to try out in this amazingly polished game.

KionicWarlord2221548d ago

The reviewer clearly was talking about both experiences there and had a slip up comparing both together.

Nurburgring is raced in the rain or night not both in forza 6 for more realistic track conditions.

I thought you of all people knew this after submitting that article about forza 6 night and weather yesterday

bunt-custardly1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Submitted by me yes but I'm not the author of that article. Maybe he missed something and Sam Spettigue of the Daily Mail found something contrary to what he posted? It would be fantastic if he discovered something new as I would love to play in the rain and at night.

Can anyone else corroborate what the Daily Mail is saying. Maybe they unlocked it in one of the later events or something? I can't see this option in Free Play mode.

If what you're saying is true though then what kind of hack job is the Daily Mail review? The opening sentence is factually incorrect and misleading the readers. It's very accepting of you to call it "a slip up" KionicWarlord222.

I'd call it complete bullshit actually if it turns out he's being deliberately economical with the truth.

I think what he should have wrote was:

"Speeding along the Nürburgring at night, or during the day with the wipers working overtime as the rain pelts down onto the windscreen..."

achmetha1548d ago

is there a big difference between forza 6 and forza 5? i wasn't a big fan of how the events were setup in 5. much preferred 3. can anyone give me some insight on this?