Destiny's "The Taken King" actually feels like it was made by Bungie

After the disappointment that was Destiny‘s story, design, and overall gameplay, many had lost hope for this new Bungie. When Bungie broke off from Microsoft, they did so with the hope to become something different than just “that developer that makes Halo.” While not a bad thing, after developing games for the same franchise since 2001, things can get a little tiring. With that move, we saw Bungie tie the knot with Activision, and the Destiny franchise was born. We all saw what Destiny was trying to be, but unfortunately, by whatever strange confusion during development, it appeared as though someone had forgotten to hire any writers or game designers.

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masterfox1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Destiny a year ago the game that we all play for days or months we were just playing a damn unfinished product, this Taken King DLC is actually the final product of what Destiny should be a year ago. Just look what Bungie did with the games title screen it went and put The taking king on the title, past DLCs didn't affect at all the design of the UI menus.

In the end people who went back to Destiny and bought the Taken King they actually pay Bungie/Activision 140 dlls for just one damn game just to let you know.

Eonjay1549d ago

And, apparently its great. I plan on checking it out again.

FriedGoat1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Yeah, ITS GREAT at a £140 price tag it's finally a finished game!!! HOORRRAAAH!!! BUNGIE ARE BACK BABY!

Bungie are dead, a shell of their former self. All the decent staff have left or been sacked illegally (poor Marty, least he beat the evil scummers in court).

And for all those talking about "that's how MMOs work", WOW didn't come out an unfinished, storyless content-less game.

Hail Activision, everything they touch turns to mud.

TFJWM1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

@FriedGoat umm I guessing you didn't play Vanilla WoW then if anything it had less content than Destiny not more...

It also crashed all the time, skills were broken as well as a lot of other bugs.

FriedGoat1548d ago

I was actually in the WOW beta.

SourtreeDing1549d ago

havent PC players been doing this forever paying for expnaiona for WoW? so why complain

PSIN4MANT1549d ago

Finally someone gets it.

HexxedAvenger1549d ago

It's not worth saying until it happens to consoles.

pompombrum1549d ago

World of difference between the amount of content in a WoW expansion to TTK though. TTK is great for sure but comparing it to a full WoW expansion is just silly.

Sevir1549d ago

They are worlds apart. Destiny is a fantastic game, with stellar game play, things were cut and changed by Activision but bungie's signature is still as tight as ever.

People are complaining about Destiny's pricing while giving a free pass to blizzard and WoW... Yes Blizzard's WoW came feature complete and expansions gave plenty, but you STILL shelled out plenty of money for the expansion, on TOP of paying a subscription fee, just like Final Fantasy 11 and 14 online.

Destiny follows MMO trends but with regular console game production pipelines and philosophy. The maintance to servers they perform, patches and bug fixes and rebalances, all come out of the studios own pockets, not like the $15-$20 monthly subs other companies charge for that. And there are no microtransactions. Some MMOs on top of these big expansions and feature rich content packs, and subscription fees layer on microtransactions and you bitchy whiny pricks lap it up and play and continue to throw your money at them.

Bungie, simply develops and put out content and Activision sets their price so both Developers and publishers can make a living, and it's a cry of foul play?

Gtfo and go play something else instead of whining. It's tiresome. Destiny has Thrived for a full year, after you left others joined and they love it. There's so many other games that will suit your taste. Go play them and get on with your life

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Thatguy-3101549d ago

That's how most mmo works though. Expansion packs usually expand the game more. Just look at ffxiv heavensward or WoW. I get what you're aiming for though. Last yr destiny did feel really empty. What sucks is that they locked some of the multiplayer modes and you have to purchase the taken king to unlock them again

brokenbracket1549d ago

Well that's the problem, Destiny isn't a true MMO. It's an FPS with an MMO feel to it. Bungie and Activision like to pretend it's an MMO, but it isn't. Trust me. It definitely isn't. And the extra 40 bucks they want from me they aren't getting. The only way I'll buy another Destiny game is if it's only for current gen consoles (Xbone, PS4) and PC, and it's a GOTY edition. I'll never buy their game then buy the DLC only to find out I could've waited 12months and got it all for almost 100 bucks less.

PSIN4MANT1549d ago

This is the norm for games like this, WoW players have spent thousands over the course of their time with that game, and nobody seems to care.

People are upset that Destiny got off to a bad start, but this Expansion has fixed a lot of what we had problems with in the begining.

If you don't like it don't play it, if you don't have the money to spend on it, don't those who do will.

Aceman181549d ago

Me and my friend played for more than 12 hrs yesterday trying to finish as many quests to get our 3rd subclass fully leveled. We were having a blast playing.

3-4-51548d ago

Good to know that when I do decide to go back, that it's going to actually be worth it.

Not rejoining until year 3 though as I have Halo 5 & then Plants vs Zombies: GW 2 for shooters that will keep me satisfied for a while.

Then, late 2016 I can get back into Destiny for year 3 and catch up on all year 2 stuff as well.

Solid game, good to hear it's getting better.

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secretcode1549d ago

I will say that first mission in the new expansion reminded me a LOT of the first levels of Halo 2 and Halo 3.

AnotherGamer1171549d ago

What I am not understanding is how everyone is giving this game a pass on the 95 bucks you spent to finance the real game and Bungie is charging you 40 more so you can play it.

I personally just can't put more money into this game. The early adopters should be getting this DLC for free for putting up with the BETA and giving them all the feedback that allowed them to create this new DLC.

spicelicka1549d ago

I'm sure it's great, I'm huge halo and bungie fan. But I can't spend $35 on expansions 1 and 2, just spend $40 more on Taken King. I'm not paying $80 to rebuy a game I've already bought last year.

I'll wait till it's $20 for used copy.

TheSaint1548d ago

This, so much this, they rinsed the year one players and then expected us to pay another £40.

F that and F Bungie.

sullynathan1549d ago

Are the people forgetting that we knew that destiny was basically an FPS MMO since it's inception?

spicelicka1549d ago

Sure we knew, but we didn't know they were gonna cut content and then force us to pay another $80 for an expansion to complete the story.

wutang4ever1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

since the release of TTK, destiny no longer is considered a Beta.

yeh!! for paid Beta

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