How to Stop Pre-Owned Game Sales? Make Your Game Worth $60

Endsights writes:

"You take away the right of sale away from gamers and sales will decrease. Publishers are sure as hell not going to be dropping the price of their games if this were to happen, even though it would gut an extreme amount of value from their title. If you cannot trade-in to GameStop or EB, or if you cannot re-sell your games on Amazon or eBay, you're going to be sure that when you plunk $60+ on that game, you're 100 percent sure of the purchase.

Game developers: How about you make the game worth holding on, as opposed to thinking up of cockamamie ideas on how to squeeze as much money out of as you can?"


Last sentence should read: "Game developers: How about you make the game worth holding on, as opposed to thinking up of cockamamie ideas on how to squeeze as much money out of us as you can?"

Apologies for the error.

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thewesker4391d ago

i doubt they'll be doing anything like the frontier guy was proposing. it'd be suicide, imo

Megatron084391d ago

They are already do this to a point tho. PSN, VC and XBL. You cant resell any games you buy on there and when you sell your system for a next gen system those games will most likely be gone. This is one reaseon the GT5P (err I mean demo) wasnt worth the 40 bucks. When GT5 comes out you worth even be able to trade the demo in so you can put part of the money toward the full game. XBLO are just as bad tho.

They will slowly but sure make more and more games DD. I have a bit of mix feeling about this myself. I love DD on my pc for the most part but for some reason on a game system I want the disc maybe it has to do with the type of games I play on my pc.

jerethdagryphon4391d ago

not to mention it would likly kill rentals

fact is some games arnt worth 40£ for a 6 hour play

others are

trading helps us keep our colections trim as well as loan good games to friend tosee ifthey like it

TOSgamer4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

Its just sad.

psiom4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

I don't know how it is in other countries, but here in Australia it's pretty pointless buying preowned games anyway.

Apart from when a game gets heavily discounted in a sale, which can happen with brand new boxed copies just as easily, EB sells preowned games here for only $5 less than a brand new one.

In Aus terms, that's $110 vs $105 for example. I don't know who even goes for it (I guess people do). Personally that $5 is easily worth a brand new disc.

The only benefit of tradeins for me is that I can sell/trade stuff I'm finished with. I'm never on the other end.

EDIT: actually, if the industry forced EB et al to sell it at a properly discounted price that would be better. That would at least allow people with less disposable cash to get in on new titles.

As it is now, second hand games recirculating at a such a comparable price benefits only game retailers - it's obviously not passed up the chain (hence the industry complaints), but nor is it even passed DOWN the chain in any practical sense.

EB will take a game (here) for $50 and sell it for $5 less than new (say $105). They are the sole beneficiary of the transaction at the end of the day.

4391d ago
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