Wii-Habilitation - How the Nintendo Wii and the Wii Fit Are Pioneering Gamercising

Since its release in 2006, the Nintendo Wii has skyrocketed to success among gaming consoles and revolutionized the way people play games through the use of its unique controls. The console has been so popular that it sold more units than both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 combined during the first half of 2007, and has been at times difficult to find in stores since its release.
The Nintendo Wii Fit is revolutionizing the new art of gamercising.

Unique to the Wii has been its ability to gain traction in areas not traditionally thought of for gaming consoles such as physical therapy. Due to its interactive format and motion sensitive controls, the Wii has seen increasing use as an aid in physical therapy.

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Isaac4321d ago

He bought Wii Fit on day one and has been using it every day for one hour before going to work. That and a healthy diet. I couldn't believe it, I am seriously thinking about getting a Wii with Wii Fit now.