Metal Gear Solid 5 Mod Unlocks DLC And Hidden Items

One Angry Gamer "Mods for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain have been popping up quite regularly, and that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone given how popular the game is. One of the newest mods for the game allows players to unlock some of the DLC and hidden items, including DLC from the console version of the game."

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-Foxtrot1544d ago

If mods become more popular on consoles thanks to Fallout 4 where more developers in the future start to add it to their games I wonder if it would be possible for mods to also unlock cut and disc locked content that you need to pay for as DLC

Obviously developers would take proper secure measurements so it wouldn't happen but you never know they might underestimate the modding community.

Fun to think about. It would be nice to see mods end up offering more to fans then most developers, it would certainly make them try harder with DLC since some mods might end up doing certain features they would have done as DLC, for free.

Erik73571544d ago

Never happen.

Even then with the fallout 4 mod thing,its still limited.
IT will probably be heavily regulated on Xbox and will be limited due to the hardware for some of the mods also.
On console it will be solely up to publisher to allow mods but on PC atleast you can find a mod community for a game whether the publisher wants it or not, they can't control the internet but they sure as hell can control what goes on the Xbox marketplace and thats the only place you can get content from on your xbox.

Unlike PC where you have many sources for downloading content and mods instead of just one marketplace,ex. Steam,greenmangaming,modnexus, etc.

BeefCurtains1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

One of two things will happen; developers will begin to not develops for OC if their pre-built DLC can be hacked by the PC community. Or, it will encourage the developers to STOP building DLC right in to the base of the game, because of its not built right in, it can't be hacked into.

Mega241543d ago

This, You get +++ from me.

DevilOgreFish1544d ago

It's difficult to bring mods to consoles, some of them stress system resources while others that are untested properly can lead to unforeseen problems. The pc community knows plenty about the risk factors and discretion of mods. if mods are chosen on consoles as well, they are most likely controlled down to the practical ones.

s45gr321543d ago

For example Unreal Tournament for PS3

aquaticDonut1544d ago

Fun fact: A big reason some developers, like those working under EA, don't make their games very moddable is because of how it would effect their ability to sell DLC. Not only would some DLC that's already part of the software be able to be unlocked, but modders could also replicate a lot of DLC that isn't there. Example: The Sims. If they allowed that game to be moddable, then the hundreds of dollars of expansions would very quickly become worthless.

mep691544d ago

Greed is killing gaming imo.

2pacalypsenow1543d ago

You can mod the sims games ,you as far back as Sims 1 .
Yeah damn them for trying to make as much money as they can

someOnecalled1543d ago

but the sims have real expansions even though its the same from each version it cant be compared to the practices that console have made popular. the sims community make more content on top of expansion packs that actually brings something to the table. but you do make a point why would i pay for dlc skins and maps when i could get them from modders. better yet why should we pay when they use to be free. the witcher devs are doing what was always been done on pc.

Gwiz1543d ago

Mods have been providing additional content for decades.
Some embrace that community and most won't for obvious economic reasons.Some expanded on existing assets and attributes,but only because the game engine allowed them to.
Even when it's harder and not so accessible it becomes a vital part of PC gaming,DLC on PC is in fact a total waste of your systems capabilities.When you look at it they've done almost anything to make a PC less Personal..

deadpoolio3161543d ago

Im sorry but NO it is not adding or providing additional content when people make crap mods like turning a character into another character or changing dragons in Skyrim to gumby or Macho Man, or Iron Man in GTA which is about all that happens anymore....The number of people who create actual content for game mods is minuscule

KillerResistance1543d ago

@deadpoolio316 soo... what do you consider the whole Workshop area of Left 4 dead 2 and Gmod?...

susanto12281543d ago

modding is the best on PC and on Nexus I agree with the above poster if mods are released on consoles they will be heavily regulated..HEAVY

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chazjamie1544d ago

It pains me to see that is happening to our games. I hope tekken does not follow route.

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GamePeace1543d ago

Who cares? Bloodborne doesn't need mods to be a good game, unlike most multiplattform games.

bednet1543d ago

Your statement makes no sense. Show me a AAA game that absolutely needs mods to be enjoyable...there should be a ton as you say "most multiplatform games".

Having mods available is different from needing mods for a game to be fun. You're turning a positive into a negative.

Having something is better than not having it...Having the ability to put mustard on a hot dog is better than not having mustard at all...your choice to put mustard or not.

GamePeace1543d ago

I don't even care for your silly examples.

TuxedoMoon1543d ago

Skyrim on PC was kinda boring and ugly without mods...
With mods, that game is a completely different beast.

Heavenly King1543d ago

all of that can be unlocked by playing the game. Just search for powerpix video.

ChipChipperson1543d ago

Yeah, I looked through this article thinking there were real hidden items like an MGS 3 sneaking suit, Kerotan hat, a Foxhound leather coat or maybe The Patriot carbine The Boss used, but then saw that I already have all of those items listed in that image. Some you get from your previous Ground Zeroes save, but the rest are gotten through gameplay progression. You just have to put the time and effort into them.

From the article- "Some of the items that can be unlocked – such as Quiet’s naked gold and silver gold outfits – can be a bit difficult to access by the game’s standards."

How is it difficult to access? You just take her out on missions and max out her bond. It's just time consuming, not difficult.