Average Nobody's Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Review

Average Nobody's said, "Rocksteady has built such an amazing franchise in the Batman:Arkham series, Arkham Asylum reignited my passion for gaming, Arkham City proved that you could improve upon perfection, and of course while Rocksteady was developing Arkham Knight WB games developed Arkham Origins which wasn’t perfect but they managed to prove they could tell a truly classic Batman story while taking full advantage of the groundwork that Rocksteady developed. Why make mention of any of this, how is this relevant to my review of Batman: Arkham Knight?

It’s simple. Batman: Arkham Knight is the game that I’ve most anticipated for the last few years, it’s the only reason that I stepped out and bought a PS4 when I did. My expectations for this game couldn’t possibly be any higher. The question remains, is it actually possible for Rocksteady to live up to my unrealistic expectations as they deliver their final entry into the Batman: Arkham franchise?"

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