Does Gigantic Hurt Itself by Requiring Windows 10?

There are two distinct paths that developers can choose to follow when creating mmorpg games. The first path is when the developers choose to use the latest and greatest technology to power their game, while the second path is for developers to instead choose to cast as wide a net as possible when crafting their system requirements, which means ensuring that older machines are quite capable of running the game. Both paths have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. One game that has definitely chosen the first path is the upcoming Gigantic, the moba-inspired online game currently in development by Motiga. Some players expressed joy over this announcement, but others were not so effusive in their praise. Does Gigantic hurt itself by requiring Windows 10?

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FlexLuger1549d ago

"The most obvious one is that the mmo will definitely take advantage of the latest technology. The fact that Microsoft is working hand-in-hand with Motiga to optimize the game for Windows 10 means that it should run flawlessly with the new operating system. Knowing that a PC game will run smoothly and effortlessly with the latest Windows system is a definite plus for gamers that love to push the technological envelope and who have already made the switch to Windows 10. I can also understand why Gigantic has partnered with Microsoft to make the game a Windows 10/Xbox One exclusive. "

Sums it up really. And the article even mentions SMITE as one its main rivals. This will also be the case on XB1. I certainly have an appetite for this sort of game after SMITE ( which I play every other day with some good friends of mine..two of which are on N4G ;) ).I look forward to gigantic.

Along with fable legends this game will lead the cross play charge on XB1. Their success will be noted by other devs for sure. and given that there are already 75+ million and counting W10 devices, its fair to say this game will have a VERY swollen userbase, compared to most games. Others will want a piece of that action.

It also proves what I have been saying for sometime. That going forward, you will see more of this sort of thing. New IPs that have mechnics in place to support for cross play coming via MS studios. Halo, forza etc, will always be xbox exclusives. But we will see spin offs like ODST and perhaps a third installment into the forza franchise (maybe even ressurect PGR, with the intent of having a cross play racer)

Gigantic, along with the success shown by SMITE on Xb1 and soon fable:legends will start a nice wave on XB1. Im expecting a crossplay MMO next that is for W10 and Xbox only. Neverwinter is over 2.5 million users right now and counting.

and I think its time we got hawken and firefall on XB1. With cross play. xbox gamers are ready for those games, I think

gangsta_red1549d ago

MS is definitely providing the most diverse line up filled with quality titles I have seen in a long time.

Seafort1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

It needs to work both ways. Xbox gamers can have PC exclusive games but PC gamers need Xbox exclusive games like Forza and Halo for it to be a fair playing field and I don't mean those mobile RTS Halo wannabes.

I'm guessing you just want your cake and to eat it too. Don't wanna share your piece of the pie :P

It's only diverse because of PC games coming to Xbox (and PS4). Otherwise you'd be stuck with just Forza and Halo for all eternity :P

Automatic791549d ago

@Seafort you're going to disagree with the next thing I am going to say and that is fine but in my opinion if you want the full Xbox Experience get an Xbox One having a PC is fantastic but not all Xbox Exclusives are going to make it to PC. Overall having Xbox One and PC is beautiful due to the synergy both will share.

Seafort1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )


Not all PC exclusives are going to Xbox either but if Microsoft are serious about supporting PC and Windows 10 the least they can do is release their 1st party games on PC.

If they can't or won't do that then it's a bit cheeky asking for PC exclusives for Xbox and PC gamers not getting the Xbox exclusives published by Microsoft in return.

It seems to only work one way which only benefits the Xbox and not PC.

Btw I've already disabled and removed Xbox app on Windows 10 as I don't want my PC changed to an Xbox. I game on PC for a reason and it's not to be in Microsoft's pocket with a potentially closed off system like the Xbox is.

Somebody1549d ago

"Halo, forza etc, will always be xbox exclusives."

That's why I'm uncomfortable with this new Windows 10/XB1 super ecosystem. It will hurt PC gaming more than ever by segregating the PC and XBox gamers. XBox fans will still get those exclusives while PC gamers will only see MMOs and F2Ps.

PC gamers are getting only half of the value from this new super ecosystem while XB1 fans will enjoy the full experience.

Automatic791549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

@Somebody the super Eco system you state exist in all competing platforms. Trust there are still games that have yet to make it to a Windows platform but exist in Steam and others. Before asking of one you should ask of all. Truth is gamers need exclusives on specific platforms. If there were no exclusives then we would be all having a different conversation.

Somebody1549d ago

I understand the need for exclusives. Let's not forget that FPSes were once exclusive to the PC. Then the XBox came along and changed everything. It didn't turn out great for PC gaming for a while until Steam came around so forgive me for being apprehensive with this new ecosystem.

Aside from that I'm also questioning the position of PC gaming in Windows 10. Based on the upcoming titles and features announced Windows 10 seems to be much more beneficial for the XBox's future than it is for PC gaming.

I have this uneasy feeling that PC gaming in Windows 10 will be nothing more than MS's attempt to emulate Apple's and Google's App Store that is littered with online only games, F2Ps and micro-transaction heavy games. And we all know how most gamers feel about mobile gaming.

someOnecalled1549d ago

i dont get it. pc never depended on MS and wpc has the most diverse and innovative platform. thats whwere all the ideas come from pc than suddenly its new and just been invented on consoles. pc also isnt bias to f2p and mmos, like console gamers that give them credit only when its exclusive.

in reality pc will get the most from this super ecosystem. easy incentive for devs to take more risk with their bigger budget (which they do a lot on pc but with smaller budget), and the fact that dx12 is going to significantly improve software.

there isnt a fuller experience than pc. where you can get it all if you want instead of waiting for your overlords to allow you. most of us are just waiting on dx12, vulkan, and stack memory to leave to hit the after burna on consoles. this will make indie titles will look night and day compare to before. this will have people question what AAA games are. we all know to console gamers it means gfx.

freshslicepizza1549d ago

somebody will try and get this to work on windows 7 but like most things if you want the latest you need to move on from the old stuff.

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gangsta_red1549d ago

Not when Win10 is free and also available on Xbox One.

Bigpappy1549d ago

No! is the short answer. The reason I say no, is because most windows users will be using win10 shortly, whether they know it or not.

Imortus_san1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

So will Killier Instinct, why do you think MS is going to make it to Windows, just like when they made Halo For PC.