PS4 Exclusive Gravity Rush Remastered Gets More Lovely 1080p Screenshots

Yesterday Sony Compouter Entertainment announced Gravity Rush Remastered, that will come to the west in February 9th for North America and the day after for Europe.

You also saw the first screenshots, part of the Japanese press kit, and today you can see more, from the American press kit.

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jon_snow1541d ago

Wanted GR and Ni no kuni 2, Got one so happy ;).
Glad Gravity Rush and Sequel is releasing on PS4. This is great game and will benefit the franchise greatly especially sales wise.
Any GR fans should only rejoice not hate as being on ps4 as another low sales might be end of series but being on ps4 it gives fighting chance for good sales.
Most hate is coming from trolls who doesn't own vita or ps4, who always spew only negatives.

Abriael1541d ago

I'm actually still wondering where the heck did that PS4 game by Level 5 go.

jon_snow1541d ago

Level 5 is holding Key note on 17th lets hope they reveal their ps4 game then.

Abriael1541d ago

@jon_snow: that's extremely unlikely. That's a business keynote, it won't have announcements AFAIK.

ninsigma1541d ago

Is it definite that the level 5 game isn't dragon quest 11?? I know it's not exclusive and that it's coming to 3ds (and possibly nx layer on) but I thought the level 5 exclusive game was just a rumour to begin with, so I assumed that dq11 was it.

Abriael1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

@ninsigma: Dragon Quest XI is developed internally at SE AFAIK, only the 3DS version uses an external partner (which isn't level 5).

The PS4 game (Didn't say exclusive) is not a rumor, per se. Hino himself told it to Famitsu in an interview.

ninsigma1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Ah, just looked at it again, they're involved but not the main devs.

Oh I see, I thought it all started from some sort of "insider". In which case the ni no kuni 2 dream is still alive :D

Surprised it wasn't at the pre show for tgs. Could be announced at some point during the week but I doubt it. My money is on psx now (whether it be ni no kuni 2 or something else).

BitbyDeath1541d ago

Could still be shown at either ParisCom or PSX.

ThanatosDMC1541d ago

I want a pure White Knight MMO. I hated the story of WKC1, but the story of WKC2 was acceptable. I really hate Leonard in both games.

If not a White Knight MMO, a new IP would be great.

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tigertron1541d ago

A great Vita games. Those without Vitas and have PS4s should definitely pick this up on the PS4.

Inzo1541d ago

Damn that looks fantastic.

Gemmol1541d ago

Not my cup of tea, but if people like it then that's good. Ps4 have some announcements this week, thankfully none coming out soon

Paleblood1541d ago

I played the game on Vita and it was totally amazing.

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