Super Mario Maker Review – Fans Ultimate Fantasy (UpItHQ)

Super Mario Maker has released with incredibly high praise. This game features one of the most robust Super Mario experiences one could imagine. The best part is, it is the gamer’s imagination that makes Super Mario Maker the ultimate Super Mario experience. Super Mario Maker is laced with creativity. This title puts the players as creators to their very own Super Mario levels. The creative focus of this game is as impressive as it gets.

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DirtyPete1544d ago

This game is addicting. It is the best course making game ever. Step aside little big planet and project spark; Nintendo just took the lead here.

wonderfulmonkeyman1543d ago

Looking forward to the day they add sloped ground as a tool, alongside a way of allowing us to tilt platforms on rails and stuff.

I'm looking forward to owning it, but money's tight so I gotta wait a bit...

3-4-51543d ago

I'm sure it will happen eventually.

Nintendo is good about releasing DLC that actually matters or helps and isn't just to make a quick buck.

If there are improvements to be made, you can trust that Nintendo is tinkering around with them right now.