Destiny: The Taken King - Best farming spot to farm Sword material Hadium Flakes

Here is a really good farming spot for farming hadium flakes and wormspores. The chest and warmspores spots respawn very quickly. By doing this method of farming you will get around 30 hadium flakes and 25 wormspores every 15 minutes.

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Asuka1129d ago

very nice, and right at the spawn location. i have to do this when get off work =p

WinAttLife1129d ago

Day 2 and there is already a best farming spot video? Is there really not enough content for 2 days?

Nitrowolf21129d ago

Sorry but how does already finding a farm spot equate to the amount of content? I guess witcher 3 must be pretty bare considering a farm spot was found day one of release