Rockstar unimpressed with BBC's take on GTA

Rockstar has lambasted the BBC's recent documentary on the development of GTA: San Andreas, calling it "made-up b***ocks" on Twitter.

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Spartacus101542d ago

I know right. Red dead redemption 2 should be announced by now.

Unyoked1543d ago

No one does Rockstar better than Rockstar

pinkcrocodile751542d ago

I saw this last night and Take2 / RockStar, need to wind their necks in.

This was not a documentary and it didn't make any assumptions just going through the timeline with a small amount of dramatisation.

It was handled carefully, but... at the end of the day this is a gaming studio who was involved in this, so no matter what they think or say, they need a kick in B*ll*ck* for making a fuss.

Take a deep breath and move on.

Pintheshadows1542d ago

Somebody works for the BBC.

k2d1542d ago

In the UK they have a saying that goes "to spin a yarn".

That is pretty much what they have done here. You've got a news story that nobody cares about in 2015, the antics of crazy person, and that's probably the end of it.

someOnecalled1542d ago

well rockstar are just doing every gangsta and mob movie. you mean no one can do american entertainment better than americans. Watch Power, breaking bad, godfather, menace to society, boys n the hood, blow etc. tv shows and movies is hard without the complete package.

NotanotherReboot1543d ago

Looks like Radcliffe is a Rockstar now too.

Hoffmann1543d ago

Am still hoping to see him as a new roadie for Amon Amarth

Relientk771543d ago

Harry Potter with long hair looks weird

blackblades1543d ago

He looks better with short hair (no homo), speaking with experience.

TFJWM1543d ago

You should have seen him naked on Broadway, its even weirder...

Kal8531542d ago

How about "no bigot"?

blackblades1542d ago

For ya info no homo is a line in the boondocks, saying that I'm not a homo for saying he looks better with short it was funny on it. Guess ya don't watch it than.

RememberThe3571542d ago

"Bigotry - intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself."

I'm not seeing any intolerance here. Oversensativity to a literal reference of sexual orientation? Maybe a little.

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-Foxtrot1543d ago

That's actually Harry Snape an alternate reality where Lilly married Severus instead

Godmars2901543d ago

When ever has a "based on real life events" TV movie done anything justice?

G20WLY1542d ago

It also said (along the lines of) some events have been changed "for dramatic effect" - basically an overused caveat for when they want to confuse the viewer as to what is fact and what is pure sensationalist fiction.

I had to sit through it as my girl thought it would be good. It was shockingly bad and Radcliffe was awful!

pinkcrocodile751542d ago

I saw it and completely disagree, Radcliff was pretty good. The story was good and the narrative wasn't clunky or overbearing.

If you are on the side of RockStar, you shouldn't have any issue with this. Neither should RockStar

G20WLY1542d ago

I'm not on either 'side'; I'm probably the only gamer on the planet that hasn't played GTAV! Though, I must admit, I'm never impressed by Radcliffe as an actor.

I did think Paxton made a good religious nut and the guy that played Jamie did a great job, but it wasn't enough to save a poor made-for-TV-esque drama that was ultimately designed to court controversy, balanced or not.

Baka-akaB1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Even if it's the BBC's right , why shouldnt Rockstar have issues with a BS movie they never wanted in the first place ?

It's fair game that they ridicule the movie for all innacurate it is , and being anyway a bad movie .

In a nutshell it's getting the expected reactions you see with dramatized biopics like the one on Aaliyah ...

rainslacker1542d ago

I see someone doesn't ever watch Lifetime television....:P