The Rising Tide of MMO Elitism

Bit Cultures writes: I love MMOs. I’ve been playing them for almost a decade. My first MMO was Final Fantasy XI, but since then I’ve run the gamut. WoW, SWTOR, Warhammer Online, Guild Wars 2, Tera, Wildstar… you name it, I’ve played it. While some MMOs may do things better than others, I can’t help but keep coming back to Warcraft. It may not be the best MMO in all regards, but it’s certainly my favorite. I love the game, I really do, but there’s one thing about it that just makes me sick to my stomach: the elitist culture.

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eyoung251126d ago

Warcraft has caught and lost me multiple times now. I think my favorite MMO experience so far has been in SWTOR due to the heavy influence your character has on the narrative.

BC-SocialLink1121d ago

For me it's Guild Wars and GW2 that keeps getting me back in after I walk away