Opinion: Critical CoD4 Issues Not Addressed In 1.6 Patch

LowPings: "The latest patch might have added some beautifully free maps (thanks nVidia, it's nice to get 1% of the money I've given you over the years back in trade!). The new kill cam might let 360 players know what it's like to be nothing but a helpless human grenade that only kills people by dying (though with Martyr, most of them know that already). But a number of urgent PC flaws remain unaddressed..."

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IzKyD13314321d ago

i really dont see why he's complaining, PC owners the free maps, and they dont have to deal with the connectivity issues that console gamers have, not to mention all those problems mentioned are also problems of the PS3 and 360 versions

Charmers4321d ago

Well it is par for the course really, if you play the game on the PC and there are problems then I think you should expect them to get fixed. The same goes for the 360/PS3 version if there are problems on it they should be fixed too.

However I don't think just because one version suffers less problems they should "shut up" about it. All versions should be brought up to scratch.

IzKyD13314321d ago

but he brought up problems with the actual game itself, i didnt see anything there which that was a technical issue, martyrdom and 3x frag can be removed, but removing those would be like removing stopping power for some people, different people, different preferences, you cant take something out just because some complain that it accounts for "cheap" kills

DA_SHREDDER4321d ago

For one. I cant count how many times Ive had my sight on an enemy while I was sniping and the bullet wouldnt register. Ive even had my girlfriend take video of it a couple of times. Its pretty ridiculous how a bullet goes right through enemies as much as it happens. It wouldn't be so bad if it was just once in a while but its just too much to ignore.

Also, COD4 is the most played game on the ps3. I cant believe Infintiy Ward doesn't deem it necassary to patch in rumble even though millions of people demand it. Whats up with you Infinty Ward? Can you take microsofts c*ck out of your face for a sec to patch it? It could have been done months ago. I hate you people. All of you that cater to one consumer and not the other. My money is just as good as anyone else's.

IzKyD13314321d ago

also, IW claimed that they to busy with other projects to add rumble or trophy support, but their releasing new modes for the game in a few weeks

dkgshiz4321d ago

could just be you. OH well

BigBaehr4321d ago

Bare Bones will take care of those martyrs and 3x fraggers.

games4fun4321d ago

its the grenade spamming that makes cod4 unplayable a friend was showing me it online, he would spam grenades at the beginning of a map to get kills.

I never bought the game and to this day i will not til i hear that it was fixed (aka not giving everyone the ability to throw grenades beyond human means)

IzKyD13314321d ago

this is still one of the best shooters of all time, its definitely worth playing despite its problems

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The story is too old to be commented.