Fallout 4 Hyping DLC Early Should Piss Gamers Off

Don't get premature with Fallout 4 DLC. That's like milking the cow before it’s even born!

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crazychris41241542d ago

Wish these companies that allow you to pre-order season passes before launch would at least give us details of what they are offering. In this case even Bethesda doesn't even know what they want to do so why would I buy it?? Show us why we should spend some cash so early. Im just going to wait until all of the content that is included in the season pass is detailed before I think about dropping another $30. Still pumped up for the game, Nov 10th cant come fast enough.

Phoenix761541d ago

Well that is your choice Chris. And I wouldn't blame you for being skeptical about unannounced DLC. However, this is Bethesda. And of the games that I have brought with DLC, I have never been disappointed by it(except horse armour). Will I be one of those people who blindly pays for season pass before its detailed??? Do fish live in water? Hell yeah.

One-Shot1541d ago

When did they say they don't know what they are doing?

barb_wire1541d ago

It was in the press release when then announced the season pass.

Simco8761541d ago

Not like the season pass will increase in price later. If you feel scared about the DLC, then wait to buy it. It's not like they have a track record of terrible DLC, everything they expand the game on has been great. If you don't agree, you have to agree that SOME of it was worth it...and $30 bucks for 3-4 expansions is a great deal.

Time Spent vs Money Spent..........this game has that in droves.

GreetingsfromCanada1541d ago

Everybody does it, I just don't like it when people's hypocrisy shines and they get mad at like Ubisoft or EA, but not at a studio they like.

sullynathan1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

It should, but this is Bethesda and their fanbase is as rabid as ever. Just look at how hyped they were at E3 when Todd Howard showed off features that has existed in games for a long time.

Other games got flak for showing off DLC too early or before release but Bethsoft can apparently do no wrong. They'll just release pointless, generic and uninspired DLC like Dawnguard and Heathfire but the fans will be happy because more content regardless of the quality or price is always good.

Kane221541d ago

if this was ea or capcom you wouldn't hear the end of it....

Revolver_X_1541d ago

Congratulations Sully, your the one of the ten people that dislike Fallout. Your officially a hipster. I'm sure we'll get DLC more like Point Lookout and The Pitt. I also never heard Todd say that they were reinventing the wheel. Fallout is gonna be great, you must be a Tomb Raider fan :)

sullynathan1541d ago

Nice assumption there, it seems you didn't even check my profile page to see what my favorite games were before you typed a stupid comment.

I don't dislike any video game except the Crysis series because they are trash.

I don't like the Dude Raider reboot because it is an inferior version of Uncharted and I have yet to play the past Tomb Raider games except the demos.

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The story is too old to be commented.