PlayStation Store Sales This Week Include 2K Sale & Grand Theft Auto Franchise Deals

PSLS: This week on the PlayStation Store, you'll find deals on Borderlands titles and Evolve in a 2K sale, Grand Theft Auto deals in a franchise sale, and more.

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T3mpr1x1181d ago

The Handsome Collection is mighty tempting...

Bassmint1180d ago

I got that for around that price in a previous sale and it's well worth it imo for the amount of content.

Alexander1Nevermind1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Top notch game(s)...Gotta love Handsome Jack, one of the best video game villains of all time.

JamesBroski1181d ago

I would really like to play Evolve, but everyone says that it's mostly dead.

InTheZoneAC1181d ago

well when the game is trying to push $80 of day 1 dlc of course it's going to flop before it even had a chance to succeed...

Their whole stance on dlc is what prevented me from buying this and I might get it once it's $10 or less...

Yi-Long1181d ago

Exactly. It was doomed from the very beginning, and that was because of their own greed.

Overheard a custoner asking a salesman about Evolve last week, and the salesman also adviced against buying it and mentioned the whole Day 1 DLC as well as the Online Only aspect as reasons why it's not really worth getting.

These devs really just completely screwed themselves, as well as those who did buy it...

Heyxyz1181d ago

Yeah, even the greedy Gamestop is trying to get rid of their copies of Evolve. I'm seeing tons of used copies at like $12.99 with seemingly no buyers.

Der_Kommandant1181d ago

Evolve? not even for 20 bucks.

theFAYEsorceress1181d ago

evolve is one of those games i really wanted to like, but i'm glad it failed since it tried to be super greedy :] people might be ok with dlc nowadays, but you can only bend someone over so much.

Bassmint1180d ago

Is it a bad game or what? I liked the look of it but that whole spreadsheet of DLC before the game even released put me right off. Is it worth it even now i wonder.

blackblades1181d ago

Hoping for that flash sale this weekend with some japanese sales considering tgs.

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The story is too old to be commented.