Konami And Kojima Need To Give Answers Regarding Cut Content In Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

And why the story is a big slap on the face of hardcore Metal Gear fans.

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nick3092138d ago

Answers ? To make paid dlc like every developer in the industry they will try to seem nice but most of them cut content to earn money, i cant say its bad in this case because this game kept md playing for a week and I hardly game anymore

SEGAKIDD2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

...and why are there side missions, repeated main missions, 3 - 5 cutscenes, endless dribble tape dialogue, no story, shit story, open world with nothing to do, extract this, extract that, fulton animals, fulton vehicles, no BB, why a medic and Mother Base.

MGS fans.

Magicite2138d ago

so GOTY turns into turd suddenly?

Effects2138d ago

Agreed and would like to add completely ignoring a certain character that should have been part of this story according to previous games and major one at that

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BinaryMind2138d ago

What a self-entitled statement. Kojima has nothing to answer for, he gave as much as he could with the admittedly massive budget he had. He probably would have kept working on it for another 5 years if Konami allowed him to keep sinking money into it.

WitWolfy2138d ago

So your telling me... The $80 000 000 budget this game had and 4 year development cycle is justified to the content we got??? OMFG, I'm a big Kojima whore as much as the next fan but thats just a damn lie, and you know it!

DarkOcelet2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

I really think Kojima could have done much much more with higher budget/longer development time.

Also lets not forget what happened between Kojima and Konami, that could have affected the game more than we thought.

kranker2138d ago

Do you have experience in video game development? You cant quantify only content against the budget theres so much more that goes into making games. In this instance i think a significant portion of the funding went in to developing the fox engine from the ground before the game was even in the conceptual stage. Destinys budget was almost twice that of mgs 5 and is half the game. Just accept the game for what it is, a masterpiece despite its flaws.

BinaryMind2137d ago

Yeah, that was a lie. I'm an employee at Konami and I know exactly how Kojima and his team spent that money; booze and hookers.

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The story is too old to be commented.