Gravity Rush 2 was never going to happen on Vita

Is Sony burning fans for standing alongside the game on the handheld platform by giving them the next entry on an entirely different system?

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Thatguy-3101181d ago

It's understandable why they went for a ps4 exclusive but it's still a bummer for vita owners. The silver lining on this is that it will be on stronger hardware so they have a lot to work with now. This will also make way for the franchise to go mainstream which is good because the first installment was an amazing game.

_-EDMIX-_1181d ago

Those Vita owner can then play it on PS4. They didn't just ban Vita owners from play it anywhere lol

never4get1181d ago

With less than 2 million PS4 currently sold in Japan, SONY has to make more PS4 exclusive games.

_-EDMIX-_1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

@Never4Get, not really. All they need is time. Who are they up against in Japan? Games sell systems, period. Not JUST exclusives, did MGSV not move lots of units for them in Japan? That game isn't exclusive to PS4, yet sold PS4s.

KH3 will move units, TLG will move units, FFVII will move units, DQ (any of them) will move units, FFXV will move units, Yakuza 6 will move units etc.

Japan has their reasons why they are upgrading slowly and many of them might be due to they still waiting for their "Call Of Duty" their "Witcher 3" their "fallout 4" etc.

Those games moved or will move PS4's for the west, no PS4 game is at like 15 20 million or something lol, not everyone is buying a PS for exclusives evident by the sales not really showing that.

The east is just waiting for its big titles before it moves on to next gen, we got that in the west with many, many, MANY titles.

The East has yet to really get many, huge Japanese releases for current gen, they are still waiting to make the jump and I don't think Sony's exclusives will make that jump any faster, it will come in due time.

Moves like Gravity Rush 2 help a lot though, but I don't think Sony should be in a rush to make other titles in the east just due to this. Many are on the way ie KH, FF, RE etc

never4get1181d ago

Who else going to make JRPGs better than FINAL FANTASY 7, Exclusively for the PS4?

_-EDMIX-_1181d ago

lolz at never4Get.

Thats sorta my point, FFVII is coming only to PS4 and likely PC, in Japan it might as well be an exclusive as MGSV moved like 2k for XONE and FF Agito moved like 1k for XONE.

So to them, it will move units. Thats the point I'm making, many, many titles are coming to PS4 by other publishers, they will help move units in Japan.

They *as in Sony don't need to push Square to make it come faster or rush it etc, in due time.

It will release along with a slew of other JRPGs that will keep moving PS4's. Im really not sure Sony needs to push exclusives to move units, ie look at MGSV right now on PS4 in Japan....consider that moved lots and lots of units for Sony.

So when I say ". All they need is time. Who are they up against in Japan?"

I mean that towards Nintendo which isn't getting those titles and MS which is on some, but not moving enough units to even be a slight treat.

When MGSV sells 500,000 on PS4 and 2000 on XONE....clearly Sony is not seeing a reason to leap and throw exclusives at PS4 in Japan and they are honestly right to. They should focus on bring out quality titles to support the platform in the east, but in terms of what will sell PS4's in japan, it will largely be 3rd party games, that ship has already sailed and they will be quite fine. Japan will get their when titles they want appear on PS4 (regardless if it has a XONE version, clearly we've seen that means jack in the east)

but lolz, I agree FFVII is megaton, it will move HUGE units for them in the east and really world wide. Square is investing in that install base by making all those PS4 exclusives so when they are ready to cash in on FFVII...the install base of RPG fans is their to make em BANK!

never4get1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

@_-EDMIX-_ Kojima make no more Metal Gear.

So who else going to develop AAA JRPGs like FINAL FANTASY 7 beside Square Enix? Would SEGA make another Resonance of Fate? MistWalker Last Story 2 coming to PS4? SONY? Konami? Capcom? Koei Tecmo? Namco Bandai? Who?

Future of AAA JRPGs depends on PS4 install base in Japan.

Japanese game developer won't start investing in AAA JRPGs exclusively for PS4, if PS4 install base in Japan less than 4 million.

PS3 sold 10million console in Japan, and caused the worst AAA JRPG drought!

JRPGs Fan are thirsty for AAA JRPGs like FINAL FANTASY VII, but it won't be quench if PS4 sales aren't enticing developers to develop AAA JRPGs in the first place. It's SONY great job to make AAA JRPGs exclusively for PS4 to sell more PS4 in Japan, thus attracting developers to make AAA JRPGs like FINAL FANTASY VII exclusively for the PS4.

Just Look at how many JRPGs on Vita shown at SONY TGS 2015. VITA sold 4 million in Japan and very attractive to JRPG developers.

JRPGs fans want AAA JRPGs like FANTASY FANTASY VII with Great Graphics displayed on large TV.

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miyamoto1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

For everybody's information Gravity Rush was meant to be a console title originally made for the PS3 not for the PS Vita.


The PS Vita port has served its purpose, ran its course and performed very well and was a system seller (that is me. its free on PS+)

Now it's time for it to make a comeback to a PlayStation home console,the PS4, in all its original glory plus its sequel.

Sony is gonna make more munny with the PS4 remaster instead of just leaving this on the PS Vita as this beautiful game will attract millions of gamers around the world.

The PS Vita is gonna be fine as Sony is still making munny on it even if its only in Japan.

We should all be happy the game is gonna be played and enjoyed by more gamers around the world.
End of drama.
No sense in crying over a piece of plastic.

Kaneki-Ken1181d ago

But is not fine for people who have a Vita in the West since this game made people buy the Vita. If it was for both system, it will have been awesome like Japan Studio do HomeConsole version while Bluepoint do a port to the Vita like PlayStation All Stars Battle Royal. Sony even cancelled Infamous, Uncharted Vita 2, SteamPunk game by Sony Bend and never even bothered to Advertised the Vita/ game in the West since i didnt know Vita existed until late 2013 and never bothered to drop the price for system and memory card( 3DS didnt sell well in the beginning until the drop the price, heavily advertised that is selling OP).

Kaneki-Ken1181d ago

I just hoping Atlus announce Persona 3 Golden Vita because it be best time to announce it because of Persona3 3 part movie and since Persona 5 its going to be release for PS4.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1181d ago

It was never supposed to be on vita anyway. The first demo they showed of it was running on the ps3. I imagine They switched it to vita to bolster it's lineup. IMO it's back where it belongs.

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Sonyslave31181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

They pretty much killed the psvita with this move.

How can you just take the one game that made the vita stand out from the rest and just drop it for the system.

Genuine-User1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

PS Vita is alive and kicking. It has about 350+ games released and scheduled for 2015/16.

Short answer: technology, budget and sales.

inf3cted11181d ago

I heard the same thing a year ago and it came out rpgs, mediocre games and ports. And now this.

Vegamyster1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

How many of those games are on other platforms and are indies? The PSP was supported so much better which is a shame considering the power of the Vita, it's pretty much done outside of Japan.

cpayne931181d ago

The Vita promised AAA portable games on the go. Most games don't push the hardware at all, and could run on a ds. Sony really abandoned the Vita, people can make excuses all they want, but very little money is going to the Vita these days. The psp had much better support.

vongruetz1181d ago

While yes, there are games still coming out for the Vita, the reality is that there are not as many as once planned.

The problem with Gravity Rush going to the PS4 is that it means there is now one less reason to own a Vita. It was the only place you could play Gravity Rush, and now that's no longer true. It was the only place you could play Escape Plan, but not any more. It was the only place for Tearaway, but again that's not the case anymore. Sony porting PS Vita exclusives to the PS4 is their maneuver to make it so that the Vita actually has less appeal for gamers looking for great games.

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DanteVFenris6661181d ago

No the vita was already dead, which is why it didn't get it. They wouldn't make any money off developing this game for vita. Not enough sales

jukins1181d ago

It's not dead in Japan. Where I believe the majority of the originals games sales were and on vita. Think they should've done a vita version or at least a spin off

zeuanimals1181d ago

Not only that, the Vita would hold back the game IMMENSELY. The game is probably fully open world now instead of having separate city areas with 30 second loading screens between each. I also don't want to deal with 30 second loading screens which we probably won't with the game being on the PS4.

And not only would they not make any money, they would also probably stop making the series since they'd have lost too much money if it were also on the Vita.

gangsta_red1181d ago

Why would Sony release this game on a system that is all but dead where hardly anyone would play it? That would make no sense, Sony was smart to release this game on the very popular and better selling console platform.

Eonjay1181d ago

People would buy it and support it if it was on Vita, but the actual reality of the situation is that the PS4 is a far better selling product. The work that their developers do will reach more people by simple virtue of the PS4 being 2.5:1 over the Vita. Also, looking at the trailer, its incredible. They are obviously aiming for something that can't be done on VITA.

miyamoto1181d ago

How can a platform be dead and alive at the same time.
You guys really makes no sense at all.

If the PS Vita is really dead then why is it still selling well and lots of games being developed for it even big budget games?

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1181d ago

Funny how you're acting like you even care about the Vita or anything PlayStation related. You're just concern trolling, you're not fooling anyone.

DarXyde1181d ago

Vita already has plenty of games worth playing. Sales could be better, but it's a pretty solid handheld, especially for the RPG enthusiast.

KwietStorm1181d ago

Yea it was this announcement that killed the Vita lol.. Every every month something else kills the Vita. It's like a damn cat.

kupomogli1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

This may not have killed the Vita, but every passing month I regret purshing it more and more. With as few exclusives as the system has in the first place, it regularly loses those few good exclusives on a regular basis.

As much as people like to say exclusives don't matter. Exclusives "do" matter. If exclusives didn't matter I never would have purchased the Vita in the first place and my library would be much larger. Why purchase a game on my Vita that I can also purchase on my PS3 or PS4? For portability? I can just wait until I get home and play it.

Owning and already playing certain games like Gravity Rush and other ports means that I can wait until the cosole games get $20 or less and now that they are on console, the Vita version really means nothing to me. All those console games that were ported to the Vita, especially those that were digital only, I had no interest in most of them. I did purchase Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus because I felt it's worth a repurchase for how fun it is to play, but it's unplayable on the Vita due to framerate, which just goes to further show how poor the system is. Most of what releases from consoles to the Vita are rushed ports with framerate issues all over the place, so what's the reason to play a game portable if you can't enjoy yourself while doing it?

The PSP is my favorite portable console with a library of amazing games. It started off with a lot of ports and sure it was abandoned by most developers, but with the few consistent monthly releases that it received throughout the rest of its life, it was full of quality. It's a shame this isn't going to be the Vita. The Vita might rarely have a few exclusive games the here and there, but you better like a very wide range of games of varying quality because you'll have to in order to be interested in purchasing them and not be disappointed in your purchase.

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slinky1234561181d ago

There would be no sequel if it was not for the Vita fan support of the first game. Just disappointing to see this.

Sonyslave31181d ago

I know right it was the vita fans keeping hope alive for the series then they do this.

Vita need games not PS4 -__-

Aloy-Boyfriend1181d ago

There were both console and Vita fans asking for a sequel for their respective hardware. Considering how poorly and unsuported the Vita is right now, it would have been a big loss for Sony. Don't most Vita owners have a PS4? I do!

I'm all for this decision if it means the game will be bigger and better. Vita is dead. Isn't that what most claim on every Vita article? Why are people now complaining about this transition?

zeuanimals1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

"Keeping hope alive"... Then they should have probably bought the game. It only sold half a million copies after all, while anywhere from 0 to 10 million people currently own Vitas. I'm pretty sure they didn't make money from the game and "hope" doesn't make things happen, though you can try.

So it's more like Sony saw potential sales in the game if it were on a more popular platform, as they do everything else. Or they could have the game be on the Vita, have it die a slow, miserable death, and also not be everything the game could be unlike if it were on more powerful, more popular hardware. We'd also probably never see a sequel if the series fails to sale well, twice.

DragonDDark1181d ago

Stop being so negative...

someOnecalled1181d ago

Your saying by a game they have been giving out for since a couple of months after its release. Now y'all see how psn+ effects game sales. So y'all can't use the sales excuse. It is ashame but oh well a lot of us saw it coming and now the faithfuls are defending it while making dumb excuses. What do you think is gonna happen when you give games out for free, its a reason vavle only do it for a weekend. Before vita isn't dead and sony is not killing it off but know they are saying the opposite and that sony did good by not giving people an incentive to buy vita. I gotta mark this down as another one of their contradictions

1181d ago
Haru1181d ago

'Vita need games not PS4'

They why did you previously comment that PS4 doesn't have any good games and now you're saying that PS4 doesn't need games but vita does? can you make up your mind troll?

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zeuanimals1181d ago

"Vita fan support". Does that include people buying the game? Because the game sold terribly even in comparison to the Vita's terrible sales. I doubt it got anywhere close to recouping development costs.

So, what you should say is that there is a sequel in spite of the weak support of the first game, and I'm glad it's on hardware where it can actually find the sales it deserves and also be the best game it can be without the huge restrictions of the Vita's hardware.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1181d ago

BS. Gravity Rush was one of the many reason people bought a Vita. I bought mines solely for it. Then played some other games along the way.

FallenAngel19841181d ago

This is the best way to allow a greater audience experience Gravity Rush

inf3cted11181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Yes, just cash out another 400+ dollars for the ps4 and game to buy the sequel. Doesn't matter if you payed 250€ for a dying console, if you want the sequel, screw you and buy a ps4. That's how Sony does it, for the gamers.
Thats how you treat your fanbase that buys an expensive portable console at launch and fails to deliver and they dont even try.

IIFloodyII1181d ago

A company supporting their new console, instead of the old, less successful one? Those monsters!

inf3cted11181d ago

How is the Vita an old console? And why are you comparing a handheld device to a home video game console?

IIFloodyII1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Because the PS4 is Sony's new console, the VITA released in 2011, meaning it's not really all that new, and the game is on the PS4, not the VITA anymore. Wasn't it obvious?

Both are part of the 8th generation of consoles, the PS4 being the newest one. Sony are supporting their money maker, not their pretty much dead platform, by moving their games over.

inf3cted11181d ago

Actually no, PS4 is their most recent home video game console, and the Vita is their most recent handheld device.

You are comparing apples to oranges, brilliant.

someOnecalled1181d ago

You're missing the part where they hardly put any effort. Say what you want about ninty but they put in a lot of effort even if third party's don't. But only sony can get a pass

KwietStorm1181d ago

Yea because no previous Gravity Rush owners have a PS4 already. You have to live on an island if you own a Vita. Right? They are two mutually exclusive platforms, and you have to sign a contract to game on either one.

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