For a limited time you can save $15 on DualShock 4 PS4 controllers

If you have a PlayStation 4 and you’re not maxed out on controllers, now is the time to complete your set. Sony’s wireless DualShock 4 controllers are fantastic, but they’re also pretty pricey, with a full retail price of $64.99. But we’re the KnowTechie Deals Team, and you’ll never pay full price as long as you stick with us.

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hiredhelp1130d ago

Hey guys i need some advice actually since i bought my ps4 year plus ago it came with a blue controller.
Problem is I used to beable to turn on my ps3 via my controller but cant seem to do this on PS4 is it me or this the case.

Gemmol1130d ago

Connect the wire that came with the system, the one that is used to charge the controller. When it connects and charge up, it also register the ps4 controller to the ps4 then you can turn it on with the controller

hiredhelp1130d ago

that maybe the problem i had to buy a mini usb cable..
ok thx and yeh I bought it second hand local ads at the time.

MasterofMagnetism1130d ago

That should be the normal price for a DS4 and they should drop the price of a DS3 to $35-$40.