Destiny's New Missions Are Way Better Than The Old Ones


I spent this morning powering through the first main story quest of Destiny: The Taken King, a video game about how cool Nathan Fillion is. I am happy to declare that everything about it is excellent.

We’ll have day-one impressions later tonight—and a full review much later, once we’ve played through the raid—but for now, here’s a brief look at one of the surprising ways in which Destiny’s missions have changed.

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Nineball21122139d ago

I just did a new strike this morning. It was NOT easy and that's a good thing. It also forced my fireteam to keep on the move and we had to revive each other quite a bit.

I'm liking Destiny 2.0 quite a bit.

HawaiianDreads2139d ago

Agree, glad they made the changes.

die_fiend2139d ago

I hope this is the case. The old missions were pretty terrible so of course the new ones will be better. But will anyone want to play them more than once (with the old ones).

Neonridr2139d ago

Acquiring the new subclasses were very underwhelming. Bungie should have made it a lengthy quest line that actually had some difficulty in achieving. It would have been hard for a level 25 character, but with all characters at level 34 (light level ~ 170) the missions were a breeze.

Shame, I was expecting a little more.

But the missions are definitely a little more interesting this time around, and the story actually makes a little more sense.

All positives though, and steps in the right direction.

DevilishSix2139d ago

Good to hear, to bad Bungie sold some people 2 1/3 games ($140) worth games in less than 12 months before they got it right, especially seeing as year one players beta tested this game this whole time.

GrimDragon2139d ago

I wish my warlock had a weapon like Titans hammer and hunters bow the electric storm power kind of sucks looks like I'll stay a sunsinger. An electric staff so I could get all gandolph on a thrall would have been nice.