Forza 6 Is A Racing Game You'll Probably Want To Keep Playing


With less than a lap to go I can see the tail of the brilliant red Ferrari at the end of the Mulsanne Straight from the windshield of my GT40 MK II. Moments later the Ferrari scuffs the brake zone at Arnage and I pass him. I’ve just achieved a great moment in motorsports history, courtesy of Forza 6. I also feel like I’m about to barf.

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user99502791128d ago

Hell I am still playing Forza 5 like crazy... until tonight, that is.

There is nothing else like it when you are barely clinging to first in the final lap in an online match. Makes for some insane photo finishes sometimes.

FlexLuger1128d ago

The awesomness of this game cannot be understated.

Cool little fact:

Im streaming it to my PC via the xbox app, with N4G on my right screen and a my custom you tube playlist, in place of the game audio, which I turned right down. Its like a life hack for getting custom soundtracks on forza! :)

StrayaKNT1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

24 player races are absolute chaos, this game is a complete masterpiece

Lol that's cool

FlexLuger1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

This was my fave part of the review:

"For instance, you open with a series that gives you a preview of what to expect (and, I think, for the game to assess your skill). Weirdly, they had a blue Volkswagen Golf R just like the one we took to Lime Rock to drive."

"It actually felt similar in terms of line and positioning. I even held my breath a little as I floored off No Name Straight and onto the uphill. And sure enough, around another corner was the Lime Rock Driver’s Club sign."

and its so true what that instructor in video said about sudden inputs upsetting the car..even with all my experience I get a little forgetful of this during a race. In forza those sudden inputs will see you right off the track if your responses are not quick enough and your finger dexterity is intune with the analougue triggers. You jave to treat em like gas pedals and feather it around the track. and on lime rock the curbs are bad news. they are slippery!