Unreal Engine 4.10 to Make PlayStation Move Development 'much easier'

VRFocus - Motion controllers are set to play a big part in virtual reality's (VR's) near future. Each of the 3 major VR head-mounted displays (HMDs) has their very own controllers that support this style of input. The SteamVR controllers for the HTC Vive and Oculus Touch controllers for the Oculus Rift are both promising concepts for PC-based VR, and the PlayStation VR HMD will use the already-released PlayStation Move. The latter controller is already compatible with one of the most popular VR development engines, Unreal Engine 4, but creator Epic Games has recently issued some advice for the kit.

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Godmars2901223d ago

Wonder if a price drop is coming to strengthen VR support.

bmf73641223d ago

Playstation Move is $15 pre owned at gamestop but apparently new listings are still about $40

Godmars2901223d ago

Just sounds like Move should have or will be revamped and relaunched with the PSVR. Like will be not that Morpheus isn't called that anymore.

Around announcement of the PSVR's release date?

Summons751223d ago

That's interesting but what are you going to do with move when no stores sell it anymore and the general public didn't care about?

Davi1231223d ago

aaaahhhh... Isn't obvious?! Move 2 is coming with the same style of DS4 and PSVR. And not with that big ball on the top of the controller.

SmokingMonkey1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Still got mine!

Balls are a little yellow though....

..shoulda covered those up.....

..."Your balls are showing.....

Bumblebee Tuna."

ScorpiusX1223d ago

Have feeling that just like Apple , Sony is going to Flatter Oculos by coping its VR controler design while its fans claim it has been in development for ten years . Haha ha

WeAreLegion1223d ago

The VR team at Sony has been very open about its development, stating that there wouldn't be a PlayStation VR without Oculus. I imagine the same would be said of any new peripherals that go with it. The Oculus Touch controllers look amazing. Sony will probably do something similar at some point.

ScorpiusX1223d ago

Just making sure its out there, before it somehow forgotten.

Fatal-Aim1223d ago

@ castillo

Sony has been patented this long before that was released.


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