Nvidia chipsets are history

THERE ARE A ton of 'rumors' floating around about Nvidia giving up the ghost on it's ailing chipset division. Nvidia is desperately trying to deny it, but don't believe the spin, the division is deader than an Nvidia mobile GPU.

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g3nkie4323d ago

wow...this is something crazy....

Snukadaman4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

And then the droids will probably be on about RROD even after the ps3 is gone.

Zerodin4323d ago

The quality has been going down the toilet! It was only a matter of time!

dkgshiz4323d ago

You stupid fuk. Your parents should feed you rat poison. Maybe slip a few rat poison pills in your PBJ.

DevastationEve4323d ago

yeah, ps3 got stuck with a standard shader array gpu. its pipes can't redirect coming ops based on workload, which means SEVERELY decreased efficiency when games begin to switch concentration of either vertex or pixel performance. though, the 7series based chip in the ps3 DOES have superior pixel performance, and just a tad higher fillrate.

still, i know that ati/amd have made a real killing. go to newegg, look up intel and amd cpus. at comparable pricing, i can get a 4 core amd proc verus a 2 core intel. although the name brand plays a huge role, i'd still pick anything from amd/ati over intel/nvidia ANY DAY!

games4fun4323d ago

never would have thought that nvidia would fall like that, what will they make now?

g3nkie4323d ago

Their only talking about the chipsets in motherboards. NVidia will still make GPUs I'm sure...

games4fun4323d ago

that nvidia also bought some game company, or it was intel i forgot but it wouldnt be that much of a stretch for them to expand in that direction

TheIneffableBob4323d ago

Intel bought the developer making Project Offset.

Imallvol74323d ago

How will this effect me? I don't keep up with chipsets and stuff. Will this cut competition and make computers more expensive or something?

xsteinbachx4323d ago

unless you planned on buying an nvidia chipset.. it wont.

DA_SHREDDER4323d ago

Im not much of a pc gamer, but the majority of people that use computers only use the 6600 series. That pretty much limits to games that came out in the past 2 years. I bought a brand new computer last year, spent 1000 bucks and I couldnt even play the new Total War on it. Whats the point of making these low end chips if people cant use them anyways. In the end it only hurt them.. Serves them right.

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The story is too old to be commented.