New Metal Gear Online 3 Screen and Playable Demo at TGS 2015

Kojima has shared a brand new Metal Gear Online 3 screen showcases a new female character (Quiet?) with a very special fish hat! Also the Japanese Official Metal Gear Website has added a new page for the TGS 2015 event. During the TGS event, people can try out the brand new Metal Gear Multiplayer mode "Metal Gear Online 3" and an exhibition match (8 vs 8) will be shown at the live stream stage.

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FallenAngel19841128d ago

I seriously can't wait for the return of this epic tactical stealth multiplayer mode

Get_A_Job_Foxtrot1127d ago

The game mechanics of tpp are so vastly different from mgs 4,that I cannot see it being the same or similar enough. I'm seeing this new mgo as Phantom Pain Online (PPO) not as a direct sequel to mgo2.

1127d ago
Fishy Fingers1127d ago

Ava, I agree and I thank my lucky stars it's nothing like MGO2, I found that a chore to play and it was nothing like playing MGS. So happy to see this uses the same formula and mechanics that the actual game does.

jmc88881127d ago

MGO2 was more like CoD in terms of how fast you get killed, but it was nothing like CoD.

You would sneak around, sometimes hide in a box (because there were also dummy boxes randomly around as well, you would need to check these boxes, lest a guy would jump out and kill you as you passed), and try to kill other people.

You didn't just have to kill them right away, sometimes you could use the sleeping darts, or put down the porno mags behind you while you were manning a position. You turn around and see these guys with hearts around them bending over to look at the magazines and you'd nail them.

You got all sorts of upgrades, like quarterback arm which allowed you to throw grenades like 100 yards.

It's just different.

Plus they had this DLC you could buy where you could diarrhea fart noise on someone (like teabagging).

There were of course different modes. One mode was called team sneak, and basically one side was mostly invisible, and the goal was to put to sleep everyone on the other team.

They had quite a few different modes, and so while you did get killed sort of like CoD, it wasn't quite the same, probably a little more forgiving most of the time. Definitely alot more stealth to it, but at times in certain modes it could get more run and gun (but still with stealth elements so you had to stay nimble).

You had buildings you could climb and windows to jump through, so it was different.

There were some downsides, like constant ranks going up and down, the konami ID and player ID crap.

But I don't know what THIS version will be like though. I would love this to be an extension and upgrade of MGO2 without the flaws. If it's somewhat different, I can roll with that too.

someOnecalled1126d ago

MGO2 was the truth. jmc8888 i agree except the micro-transaction was ridiculous. MGO2 wasnt a chore it was fun goofy and enforced team work. i see some of yall didnt play it as much do to the bad online sign at the beginning but their was nothing like it. it was only comparable to a goofy socom. people talking never experienced their team being slaughtered with only two of you left take on a full team watching each others back hiding, setting up traps, hanging from ledges, sneaking together, using sleeping teammates from other teams as bait, cqc, etc..

PhucSeeker1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

Well, MGO has always been tied to its campaign counterpart. So in a sense, mgo3 is a direct sequel (prequel?) to mgo2. Still sad that i only got the Ps3 after mgo2's server'd gone down.

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FallenAngel19841127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

MGS4 was vastly different to MGS3, yet its online component is still called MGO2, so your theory is flawed.

This new upcoming online mode is already known and marketed as MGO3

Get_A_Job_Foxtrot1126d ago

Are you talking to me? I never said that it isn't titled as mgo3, but that I don't see it as a true sequel since the gameplay will have to be radically different PLUS it is developed by an entirely new and unexperienced Western developers. You can calm down now, fanboy.

PhoenixUp1126d ago

@ Ava

That sounds like an absurd statement. MGO2's gameplay was vastly different to MGO1's gameplay, and everyone recognizes it as a true sequel and evolution. Same principal applies to MGO3.

Timesplitter141127d ago

I just want a salute button

mgszelda11127d ago

All kinds of gestures. Such as ocelot fingers, liquid ocelot finger guns or knife licking

ShellB1127d ago

It's going to be way faster than MGO2 that's for sure.

Anyways, who spam the box in MGO2? lol brings back memories

cooldog9991126d ago

yeah man, i spammed the box so much! if only they brought it back in this one.