Destiny: The Taken King review: Expansion pack sweeps you up in the action | TorontoSun

It’s impossible to detail all the changes, large and small, that have been made to Destiny with The Taken King, and it will take some time for the game’s massive and vocal fan community to figure out what really works and what doesn’t. And while this isn’t a radical reinvention of Destiny – expect that next year, when we’ll likely see the first proper sequel to the game – it’s a significant evolutionary step forward, adding a plethora of new things to see, do and shoot.

True, I still don’t know my Hunter’s name. But suddenly I’m a lot more excited about spending another year with her.

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corroios2148d ago

Got my ass kick on the ishtar misson on venus. Damn, they were all over me. Those tracking shoots... Having lots of fun with the game.

OutcastMosquito2148d ago

I'm having an absolute blast playing after almost a year. I'm glad to see an actual positive comment about this game for once.

S2Killinit2148d ago

The cool thing for those who haven't tried Destiny is that, The Taken King pretty much makes all previously procured items obsolete because the enemies are too powerful for even the most powerful items from previous endeavors. So if you want to jump in, you can do so without any problems.

qu1ckset2147d ago

They commented before saying they would eventually bring some of the year one exotics to year two.

For pvp I still use my exotics , and I still use a couple of my exotics in PVE like the Ice Breaker but that's because I haven't found a nice legendary to replace it yet!

corroios2147d ago

Yeah, i had to left my gallyhorn, because is now powerless... againt the enemy....