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PixelJunk Eden is just simply an amazing game. It truly is a unique interpretation of the platforming genre with some puzzle elements. What it aims to do is provide a remarkable, invigorating experience in a sweet little package of only $10 and it achieves exactly that. To those who are still on the fence about purchasing it, there is a demo on the Playstation Store for you to try. If you are even remotely interested in
what it has to offer, I heavily recommend you to purchase the game."

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Funny Poor Xbots4325d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, I was walking by a rrod dvd player in walmart the other day, it reminded me of the word "junk".

Poor Xbots

Bombibomb4325d ago

It's my favorite PSN game. I have 10 Trophies so far.

blu3print4325d ago

The 500 killed pollen prowlers. that's in one garden or all together?

Bombibomb4325d ago

I haven't got that Trophy yet but I'm sure they mean in one garden before you finish gathering all the Spectra.

ageoflight4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

It's receiving stellar reviews, i really recommend people to give it a try.

thor4325d ago

It is an awesome game. I only have a couple of niggles - one is that when you're playing 2 or 3 player, it often follows the person who has fallen and failed rather than the person who is safe on a branch and you all have to climb back up again, another is that once you have collected a spectra in a level you then need to go into the level _again_ and collect the exact same spectra, and it's only to artificially increase the length of the game, and the trophies are too hard to get, for only being bronze. They should have had fewer trophies and made some of the harder ones into silvers or golds.

leyego4325d ago

most of the trophies are pretty hard.
i still havent got any, hard to believe most are bronze.

Silogon4325d ago

Sorry guys but these reviews are not indicative of the real game. This is fall back praise at best. They have praised this game, much like ign, gamespot, destructoid and so forth and so on, so much that they couldn't go back on their initial thoughts of the game.

The game is tedious. It's riddled with cheap antics and frustrating gameplay. It's a trial and error based game. There is no skill involved in this game other than finding your way around a map 5 times, collecting the same 5 spectra. By the time you complete just 1 level you will have collected the same damn spectra 5 times in a row. This is a cheap way of extending the gameplay.

On top of this the controls, as simple as they are, are still overly complex. Why the hell attach the X button to 2 functions? Why not X to jump and O to shoot a web?

The only problem with that scheme is you can't shoot a web when you want to. Only when you leave from a jump and or plant based object. To say the least it is counter productive.

This game is not worth 10 bucks and the trophy support in this game is absolutely moot cause nearly everyone has agreed they aren't worth getting due to the massive amounts of time it takes to get them.

I loved PJM and still believe it is the best experience for a downloadable game to date. That goes for xbox live and psn, but this game is too over hyped and it's just not the game everyone is saying it is. It's like they had to love it or they'd be left out of pocket and that's the wrong reason to like a game.

On a final note the music is absolutely nerve racking. Why not custom soundtrack this one? Just a thought.

SilPho4325d ago

I'm afraid I have to disagree, I really like the game, and the repetitive aspects of the game aren't nearly as bad as they first sound.

Not being able to fling your own silk is part of the game's design, it isn't counter productive it's designed to make it a bit more challenging, at least that's my take on it.

And although the game is fairly easy in principle, acquiring the trophies (which I admit are tough and could have been restructured a little bit) and achieving a high score requires some actual skill. Skills I hope to attain myself.

Custom soundtracks... personal preference. I don't mind but I admit more people would probably use that instead of remote play.

CBaoth4324d ago

Your 1st paragraph sounds like many of this gen's biggest games. LOL at the irony. And you're talking about a $10 PSN game. That's rich.

Eden is passive, psychedelic entertainment. With a simple control scheme, bright neon colors, and a music track straight from a Rave, all that's missing is Terence McKenna voiceovers. Strategy is abound in this title if you want to be atop the leaderboard. And that's the hook - one can play PJE either casually or hard-core and still have an insane amount of fun.

With that said, I disagree on many points you made:

1) Control scheme is SUPPOSED to be simplistic, not a FPS
2) Gameplay isn't broken. Difference between a great score and just getting through a level is mindboggling
3) Unlocking Spectra (1 at a time) within a garden is for a purpose - it helps you find all the seeds and spectra. Thus, you're able to plan a route accordingly
4) I agree that custom music should be included since it's a feature of 2.40+, but techno fits in perfectly with Eden given its overall theme. I only find it "nerve-racking" when I'm about to FAIL
5) Trophies ARE hard. Good. I had a more difficult time attaining SSDHD's bomber mode trophy than any so far in PJE.

Listen, no one is forcing you to like the game. In fact many of the games getting high marks this gen I don't find particularly engaging, but to each his own. I just don't waste my finite time posting such negative commentary on a game I dislike. Maybe you should do likewise
and save yourself the time and expend less energy in the process.

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