Game Informer | 'NHL 16' Review


After a brutal new-gen console debut last year that suffered from underwhelming gameplay, missing modes, and a general lack of creative vision, developer EA Canada needed to come out strong this year to prove it still has what it takes to make a relevant hockey game. With improvements in nearly every area, NHL 16 is a positive stride in the right direction for the franchise, but like a defensive-oriented team adopting trap tactics, the series plays it safe and lacks any game-breaking quality.

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TheTimeDoctor2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Ive only played 3 games, but I absolutely love it. Gameplay seems faster and more in line with real hockey. The shotstick seems much more accurate. I picked corners like I was really shooting the puck. If youre a hockey video game fan its a must buy. Much better than last year's gimped version.

brewin2142d ago

I'm a long time player and am very disappointed with this year's game so far. Sure last year's version was lacking modes, but this year's edition should not get a free pass just because those modes have been implemented. The game itself is fine when in single player. It's fast, gorgeous, and the new tutorial implementation is actually pretty cool. Season mode is back and there are fixes to issues such as be a pro mode shift skipping, etc. It's great that they made the game how it should have been last year.

And here is the problem. It literally feels and looks identical to last year. The same camera work, which is in desperate need of an overhaul, the same commentary, same graphical bugs, everything feels way too samey. I could forgive it a little if the online play was fixed, but it's a complete mess. The puck physics are turned up to 11 and the players feel like they're skating thru an inch of snow. It's gross really. I've payed several online games and others were pointing this out too. So, I would wait to see if they iron out the bugs and fine tune the online stuff.

Right now it's a 6.5.