Surgeons Use Wii to Hone Skills


"The latest wave of video game technology is doing much more than keeping teenagers entertained.

The Nintendo Wii is also working wonders for surgeons. "

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ChickeyCantor4359d ago

so it shows then, Games provide more accuracy for the mind.
Well it's actually proven years ago but good that its actually working for them.

Zerodin4359d ago

Nope PS3 hasn't cured cancer.
But the Wii is helping doctors NOW!

PistolPumptMonk4359d ago

Remind me not to get surgery until this passes over... I don't want somebody forgetting what they're doing and goin all "wii sports" on my abdomen in the clutch...


Caxtus7504358d ago


Exactly what I was thinking.

Bubbles :D