Can 2D Mario Continue Past Super Mario Maker?

"Super Mario Maker released recently, and it is—quite simply—awesome. It allows players to develop countless levels with tons of options and share them online. With so many combinations available to so many creative people, it is bound to scratch that Mario itch for ages to come. Which raises the question: can 2D Mario games even continue beyond Super Mario Maker?"

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FallenAngel19841129d ago

Yeah it can because people still look forward to more co-op action that's present in the New Super Mario Bros series and absent in Super Mario Maker

wonderfulmonkeyman1128d ago

And on top of that, making new Mario games themselves and creating new objects and stuff to use in that game, presents them with the opportunity to also add said elements from a new game right back into Mario Maker via update patches.

If they do it right, Mario Maker has the potential for nearly unlimited growth, and new 2D games that add new elements will only aid in that pursuit.

Concertoine1128d ago

They should make metroid or zelda maker. Those games are complex and would require some kind of safe check (make the creator complete it before release?) but it would be cool to have.

I can never get enough metroid-like games so i would play one every week

Mega_Volnutt1128d ago

Master Monkey, I salute you.