Driveclub vs Project Cars - Rain & Graphics Comparison New

New Youtube video shows Rain and Graphics Comparison between Driveclub And Project CARS.

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Sonyslave32147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Why put this in xbox one section ?

The video got nothing to do with xbox one and should be only in ps4 and pc since they are comparing Project Cars PC verison with Dc.

Neonridr2147d ago

I dunno but these comparisons are stupid. Compare Project Cars on the PS4 to Driveclub on the PS4. There was another article comparing Project Cars PC to Forza 6 Xbox One. They are pointless, PC's will always look the nicest.

PrinceOfAnger2146d ago

"I dunno but these comparisons are stupid. Compare Project Cars on the PS4 to Driveclub on the PS4"

b bu but "driveclub looks better then Pcars even on pc"

Neonridr2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

@Tru3 - don't be silly now. No way it looks better than a PC with max settings. Who says things like that.. :P

FlexLuger2147d ago

What I dont get is why every DC comparison is about rain? its like thats the only thing that game offers on a level with competing games..Its not even a sim. Who cares what it looks like.... PCars rain is more real in terms of how it effects the car. DC's rain just looks pretty. Thats all that matters to me. I want the most realistic racing/driving experience possible. even if that means visual compromises.

I dont think any fan of sim racing games would dissagree with that.

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AndrewLB2147d ago

I agree. The never ending rain comparisons are getting old. How often is real racing done in the rain? Snow? Yes, we know DriveClub has awesome rain effects on the windshield. But that's about it.

When it comes to actual graphical fidelity, Project Cars is unmatched. In fact, actual gameplay of Project Cars looks as good as DriveClub's photo-mode.

Proof here: (The beginning is NOT photo mode. keep watching)


Driveclub is the benchmark for "rain on the windshield" in racing games, and that's about it. Look at the video I posted. Driveclub doesn't even come close in every other aspect. And the fact that Project Cars does it all at 60fps makes it the clear benchmark for all future games to beat.

OoOo... new cars. Nothing like a '64 mustang. (handles like a shopping cart) They even got the wheel shake and floaty steering at high speed spot on.

solidboss072147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

I think that this is a silly comparison, artistic vs realistic. But you ask why its always about the rain and weather?
That is because those effects are the hardest and most demanding to nail. Hence the new Forza6-great game- doesn't have dynamic weather. Hell GT6 does stuff that Forza 6 doesn't.

MeliMel2146d ago

The Rain and looks is all it has going for it. DC dont compare gameplay because it cant. Not against PC or Forza anyways,

dantesparda2146d ago

"The Rain and looks is all it has going for it. DC dont compare gameplay because it cant. Not against PC or Forza anyways"

That's funny, because Forza and PCars bore me to death in comparison to DC. And yes, I own them all. DC is BY FAR funner.

someOnecalled2146d ago

its because it n4psfanboys and the main thing ps fanboys care about is gfx. they are the biggest gfx whore and the true elitist in the gaming community. you are right all they every talk about when it come to their exclusive is the gfx. they even gloss over this game was broken for a while when released but have a parade when a pc port is at console standard. for pc gamers console standards is bare minimum. we say bad port locked 30fps, console gamers says "gfx whores, the games broke and unplayable". while gtav was broken for the longest on ps3 and xb360 they act like that didnt happen.

the average of two bad ports a year on pc is a lifetime of bad ports. over two buggy damn near unplayable games on consoles is ok an not a big deal.

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Godmars2902142d ago

Think it has more to do with whoever submitted and approved this before any notice or complaint could be raised.

masterfox2147d ago

lol this is really starting to get funny if you ask me, Project Cars devs are for sure having a hardtime trying to reach Driveclub rain visuals, the only thing this little video has proven is to remind us how stunning Driveclub looks and is still the benchmark in racing games.

Pixelart2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Pretty rain yes.. But the benchmark in racing games? ... Lol b#tch please. Have you played any other racing games?

2147d ago
StrayaKNT2147d ago Show
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someOnecalled2146d ago

told you ps fanboys the biggest gfx whore, elitist, trolls, and with the most bubbles.

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Lamboomington2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

Honestly, the rain comparisons are getting annoying. It seems like that's the only thing people think about when they talk about how good DC's graphics are.

In reality, there's so much more to show about DC. The REFLECTIONS. What about the fact that there are literally FULL ON REFLECTIONS in DC, including self reflections of every part of a car ? Something that no racing game has right now.

GLOBAL ILLUMINATION. Prettymuch the best lighting in any racing game.

I'd honestly like more comparisons that didn't just focus on rain

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blackblades2147d ago

Been playing the ps+ version, actually wanna buy the full game. I shouldn't cause when I hit that platinum it's over na probably get a bundle deal with most of the dlc.

TrueTestament2147d ago

LOL "look at teh rain fx!" booooring... Benchmark for racing games is Forza and that is fact. Your salty rain effects won't change that.

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gosukyomomma2146d ago

Lol forza the benchmark for racing games... so tell me how many console players are now race drivers from playing forza??


GTacadamy and their professional race drivers got where they are today through gran turismo. The benchmark of real racing and driving.

GearSkiN2146d ago

A compilation that Sony supported, even Microsoft can do the same, it's not like it's something that was only possible coz of gt...

gosukyomomma2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

@ gearskin so why dosent the super rich multi billion company and the suggested benchmark of all racers do it to show how realistic and how much of a benchmark the game really is? nissan and sony collaborated to make this so why couldnt turn 10 ms and Ford? why because its not the benchmark as people state and there isnt enough people playing forza for them to waste the money thats why.

dantesparda2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )


Oh look another angry hater making their usual hateful, angry comments and nothing you said is fact and your salty comment wont change that

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