Proof: $199 360 Arcade and a price cut on Sept 7th

Adding proof to Ars Technia's report that sometime this September Microsoft will be price cutting all Xbox 360 SKUs, the crew posted their own insider price cut evidence.

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power of Green 4325d ago

I wonder why current owners of the console care about this, could much of the digging be PS3 fanboys trying to keep Sony somewhat informed?(not saying this post was submitted by a PS3 fan).

Like I said the Wii is in a market in between the handheld market and console market so to speak, the powerhouse side of the console market will have a leader this generation based on being in the mass consumer price range first.

Arsenic134325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

I want a official one and dont wanna go through the pain of making it work. I don't want some ugly beast hanging off my 360.
The HDD is overpriced and should be lowered no matter what.

@ The Mart. I don't want to void the warranty. I rather wait and pay ,than construct my own.

power of Green 4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

Yah that was strange I seen your reply and not Arsenic13's and when I came back in here, you were now under Arsenic13's post that was not there 5 minutes ago.

Some times offensive news will cause PS3 fanboy traffic to overload this site, like an bottleneck.

EDIT: this post is in response to #2.3, how This post ended up above the comment I was replying to I do not know.

Sony fanboys may be attacking this site.


lawman11084325d ago

I guess they are getting ready for the Christmas season

mint royale4325d ago

just cos its whooping the xbox doesn't mean it suddenly doesn't count. If the wii was struggling in sales it wouldn't be discounted so much by fanboys.

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heroman7114325d ago

this makes it sooooo much easier for me to afford a 360

CrazzyMan4325d ago

But just to think, that 199$ is less, then PS2 price in Europe.. that is something.. =)
of`course ps2 price in NA is 129$, but still.. =)

Overall, pricecut is a good thing for a consumer.

Bnet3434325d ago

Dang! $200? That's not bad, even though it doesn't bring a HDD, but neither does the Wii and that cost $250!

Jim Hawking4325d ago

This may only be for that store, or it may be temporary.

Also, why would only the arcade price reduction be in the computer? I used to work at Game Crazy and we got price changes in batches, not one at a time.

RemmM4325d ago

That will definately do something for the sales. It will be the cheapest console on the market! O_O I don't think Nintendo and SONY will drop their price for another 2 years. (If we're still alive)

mfwahwah4325d ago

But look at the Previous Promo Price and then the Current Permanent Price. It may just be a term they use.

chasuk084324d ago

They must be desperate, with their out of date hardware. Its obvious they are dumping off old units to make way for a new console and then screw all the customers who bought these cheap 360s. Plus they are obviously factory refurbished units.

riskibusiness4324d ago

I've got the best the Wii has to offer. Iv'e got the best the xbox 360 has to offer. I have played with a PS3 and I like it. I have even set up Ubuntu PPC version on the PS3 for my nephew...pretty sweet when you go off to collage.

In my opinion the xbox 360 is the best console this generation, hands down. I would expect (Guess) MS will launch a smart multi load DVD version at some point to counter the storage issue, which will offset the benefit of HD storage (Blue Ray). It will be nice to have three games loaded, or one Blue Dragon set of three discs. This will of course be the elite edition. I think MS is definatley going for DLC for HD needs. Next Gen it will all be DLC, no media IMHO.

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nightfallinicedearth4325d ago

Does the arcade version come with a hard drive?

Dannagar4325d ago

Arcade system comes with a 256mb memory card. Enough memory to store a butt load of save game files.

chasuk084324d ago

arcade is useless as some games require a hardrive to play

foodbox4324d ago


False. One game requires a harddrive for online play. One. And only for online play.

Take your garbage FUD to the open zone >>>>

Bnet3434324d ago

You don't need a HDD to play games. A memory card is needed to save your games and the Arcade pack comes with one.

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socomnick4325d ago

If true this = huge holiday sales for gears of war 2. Hopefully it breaks records.

Vito_corleone4325d ago

You seriously think Gears2 is going to beat GTAIV? :P

solidsnakus4325d ago

no, since its not multiplat. but itll sell maybe just as much as halo 3.

Death4325d ago

Gears 2 should have stellar sales though.


jaysquared4325d ago

I believe Halo3 is still king as far as the most sales in a 24 hour period. GTA IV wasn't able to top it and the other big game to come out MGS4 didn't even get near it! it only sold 770k last NPD reporting..

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