Demo released for 'NBA Live 16'

EA Sports Tuesday launched the NBA Live 16 demo onto Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

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AudioEppa1128d ago

Can't wait to try this out.

dRanzer1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

It is just me or the demo is 24GB? WTH

Skate-AK1127d ago

It's that big because its the whole game. So then if you buy it after the demo, you won't have to download it. A couple of games have done this actually.

nirwanda1127d ago

Is it any good can't decide if I should make room on my HDD or not.

1127d ago
iceman061127d ago

I'd agree that if you are looking for a game to beat 2K, this demo doesn't do that. However, it's pretty fun in and of itself. Be warned, it will take a while to install and you will be forced to play the Cavs vs. the Thunder until it does. Once that's over, however, you can get a taste of the online team up mode.