Motorstorm Pacific Rift to run at 30fps even in Splitscreen with Bigger Jumps

ButtonMasher reports:

"The addition of local multiplayer is an essential addition to make Motorstorm Pacific Rift a successful sequel, but there are always sacrifices when adding that much action to the screen. I asked Paul Hollywood, the Executive Producer, from Evolution Studios about this and what cuts would be made to allow four people on screen at once. The full interview is in our last podcast but here is a small snippet."

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Viktor E4666d ago

I'm looking forward to this Playstation 3 Exclusive AAA title

syanara4665d ago

how can they say that if the game isnt done yet? as far as I'm concerned the article is almost pointless cause the most changes happen to a game 3 months before release. odds are that it will probably run at 60FPS

pwnsause4666d ago

i dont see how thats a big deal. Motorstorm is a graphical powerhouse. for such a game to run at 30fps with that level of detail is an acheivement.

Bombibomb4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

True but I don't think anyone sees this as a problem. The tracks are absolutely huge and for it to be locked at 30 fps even in multiplayer Split-Screen modes is just awesome.

Maddens Raiders4666d ago

MOTORSTORM is the zenith of off-road racing & fun on any home console.

There is no other game like it - period.

ConanOBrien4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

..and not 120 FPS. Respect teh CELL Broadband Engine!!! my ass.

Fox014666d ago

... my first next-gen game.

jaysquared4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

Sony made it a big deal saying that all PS3 games were going to run at 60fps minumum and some at 120 fps.. Saying how 1080p will be native resoultions for all PS3 games. So another case of Sony over promising and under delivering!

Fox01- How can you consider Motorstorm next gen when it didn't even a last gen feature which was MP splitscreen.. LOL!

jtucker784666d ago

Hmmmm.... How can Motorstorm be considered Next Gen when it doesn't have Last Gen features?


Stagerman4665d ago

how many next gen games can you name that don't have splitscreen. The list doesn't end

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Shadow Flare4666d ago

The graphics in motorstorm 2 are amazing. I never quite picked up on that the first time i saw this game. I'd rather pick this up then resistance 2 tbh

Omega44666d ago

Why is it news that a game runs at 30fps thats the standard for game, i could understand 60fps or below 30.

The fact that its only 30 is kinda a dissappointment since a lot of exclusive racing games like GT5:P and Forza 2 run at 60fps

Bombibomb4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

You obviously have no idea what Motorstorm games are like. Destructible environments, nice textures all over the place, huge tracks, lots of vehicles on screen, etc... It's not like your typical driving game.

And change your avatar. You're getting a crappy port.

PirateThom4666d ago

It's nothing like Forza or GT both in style, gameplay or even what it is. They're both "racers", but they're by no means the same.

Motorstorm has a lot of track deformation, a lot of racers at once and really amazing level of detail in what is essentially an arcade racer.

i_like_ff74666d ago

Forza doesnt run at 60fps...

4666d ago
juuken4666d ago

...You know nothing.
Don't even try.

cahill4666d ago

GT5p ran at 1080p native, 60 fps.
forza ran at 720p at 60 fps

please dont compare forza 2 to gt5p
I have yet to see an x360 game except XBLA that runs at 1080p , 60 fps

mistertwoturbo4666d ago

Cahill, NBA Home Street Court is full 1080p on the 360. As well as Virtua Tennis 3. And FIFA Street.

Granted though, they are also full 1080p on the PS3 as well, and are just sports games that don't even have too much going on anyway.

Here, just look at the list. PSN games are mostly 1080p though which is great.

Scotracer4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

But GT5P doesn't run at native's anamorphic 1080 (1440x1080 or 1280x1080 -- I forget which).

cahill4666d ago

none of those games are 1080p on x360 /PS3

all of them run at 1080p upscaled on both ps3/x360

Thats a list from beyond3d most of which are just guesses

No Gt5p run at full 1080p at 60 fps. the demo of the japanese version ran at 1440*1080p

RR7 /Wardevil/wipeout HD all run at 1080p at 60 fps

"Not one to blow his own trumpet, Teramoto also expressed his pleasure to offer RR7 in 1080p, at 60fps and in 5.1, something he claims is only possible on the PS3."

Rr7 is just an upgraded version of rr6 which ran at 1080p at 60 fps

No no games on x360 run at 1080p native at 60 fps

Gt5p --the US demo ran at full 1080p at 60 fps
forza /pgr4 ran at 720p though

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crazy250004666d ago

when friends came over we wanted to race each other but couldn't

solidt124666d ago

I love the first Motorstorm and since this one has split screen it's a day one purchase for me..

Infernus4666d ago

Big problem though, Resistance 2 comes out right on top of it, not much of a rest for the wallet really lol

beavis4play4666d ago

then you only need to pay for one when they release. just a thought.