Retro Corner: Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

When people think of the Legend of Zelda series, most of the time they think of the 3D adventures that Link has embarked on since the days of the N64. You'll have a couple of people mention the original for NES and maybe a few people complaining about the CDI games, but that's about it. BC Gaming find in their experience speaking with fellow gamers that the Game Boy's different takes on the series get cast aside in favor of the longer, shinier versions available. Quite a shame, that fact – one of the best games in the Zelda canon is the 4th installment, Link's Awakening.

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ry-guy4315d ago

Such a classic game.

I wish Zelda games were more like this one. It was a great Zelda game that did not involve Zelda.

More so, I liked how all rooms were 1 screen big instead of allowing some scrolling.

Wish more games were like this one.

thor4315d ago

First zelda game I ever played. It was so fun!

Tsalagi4315d ago

This game is still in my old Gameboy color. It's one of my favorite Zelda games.

Immortal Kaim4315d ago

I absolutely love this game. I loved the whole collection quest ie Can of Dogfood trade :)

Amazing music as well, Windfish melody was brilliant.

TVC154315d ago

one of the best zeldas ever is link to the past

Tyrael4315d ago

A Link to the Past was nothing short of amazing

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