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In the end, Destiny: The Taken King is an exceptional new release and offers up everything that Destiny players wanted to see from the initial release last year. However, if you are a new player, The Taken King is a fantastic way to get into the game with its new campaign, quests, abilities and more. The game looks stunningly gorgeous in regards to visuals on PS4 alongside responsive controls, immersive soundtrack and its impeccably detailed storyline. Destiny has not only proven to be a great MMO for hardcore fans but has also proven to be a delightfully easy title to pick up for Guardians just joining in the fight with The Taken King. Destiny: The Taken King probably has around 20-30 hours of gameplay in regards to completing the campaign, new strikes and so forth. However, the title has to be one of the most replayable titles on the market because of the fact it is so deeply engaging and immersive. Destiny will be a title that we will see a lot more from in the coming years, and we believe The Taken King is only one great release of many more to come.

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GrimDragon1156d ago

Almost perfect....really?

D3TH_D33LR1156d ago

Most places are giving it 9/10. So yeah, maybe they enjoyed Destiny a lot already.

Rookie_Monster1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

Where are all those review places? There are currently only 2 accumulated reviews so far and I have never heard of this site. To make matter worst, don't bother clicking on the link people as my anti-virus program detected a virus and blocked the site.***

Not saying this expansion won't be good but lets wait for all the other reviews from known sites to review the game before jumping to a consensus.

D3TH_D33LR1156d ago

That's cool. It's like... Your opinion, man

Gority1156d ago

The game has been out like.... 10 hours and the review says it has 20-30 hours of new content? The raid isn't even out till Friday. I'll pass on this review.

brokenbracket1155d ago

@Gority... "BioGamer Girl accepted an invitation to visit the Bungie studio, alongside a few select journalists to go hands-on with the entire Taken King content weeks before it was released..."

I don't get why people don't read things before commenting lolol.

Also, Destiny has sucked for quite a while. Perhaps TTK is bringing it back to the fold, I don't know. My gaming is now dedicated to newer games and I've already sold my copy of Destiny. If gamers weren't idiots like some of Destiny's fans, they'd stop giving them money for crappy games and yet still expecting more. One day they'll wise up.

D3TH_D33LR1154d ago

Your loss Bracket. I saw the bs of destiny year 1 and sold my copy for $50. Lost only $20. Taken King Legendary edition is everything I wanted in a Destiny game. I may be behind a bit but there's more than enough game in this rerelease to justify giving it another shot and with a few hours of Taken King dlc on my belt I'm fully satisfied with Destiny this time around. Too bad for the year 1 players who forked over their wallets but I was no sucker and this game has finally stepped up.

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Yeah, not to troll but I honestly felt like destiny was one of the most disappointing games I've played in a really long time.
Really surprised to see people giving the taken king such high scores.

aconnellan1155d ago

After playing The Taken King for 2-3 hours, I can actually say without a doubt that this is what Destiny should have been when it launched.

It's fleshing out the characters previously in the background (the Vanguard characters, Eris, even Ghost), the voice acting is more enthusiastic, the mission structure is different, there are multiple NPCs actually interacting back and forth, rather than just one NPC spitting instructions at you, etc.

As someone who enjoyed Destiny, but was disappointed at what it released with, it's pretty great so far.

Nineball21121155d ago

It's a lot of fun. Regardless of anything else, Bungie knows how to make a fun game with good shooting mechanics. The guns are fun to use.

D3TH_D33LR1154d ago

I used to hate the game. Taken King changed my mind about Destiny. Mind you I didn't pay for the year 1 beta so I'm not as salty as some of the others here.

asadachi1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

unless this fixed all the crap from the game came out, the only way these scores are justified would be from fans with low expectations.

eklektic1155d ago

Here's a question do you know who you are in this game yet? Or what the light and darkness is or whatever, it's been a while since i played. Do you know anything at all about this universe? Or do you still have to go online and dredge through card after card lol. Because that's a very pathetic way of telling a story.

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1156d ago
corroios1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

The game is cool and im just mad that had to stop to go to work....

My galljhorn is dead... the diference in damage even for green weapons is big...

Jughead34161156d ago

Yo! I gotta go to work too. Makes me wanna call off! Lol. Taken King is amazing. It's games like this that validates why I'm a gamer!

reallyNow1156d ago

Today is my birthday and my company doesnt let people work on their bithdays. IM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW.

reallyNow1155d ago

OMG GUYS I GOT FREE ICE CREAM AT A DINER, TOO! best day ever. Back to Destiny.

Saijahn1156d ago

Really? I ran through TTK main missions with Gjally and it worked like a charm. You're not one hitting anyone but it's definitely a great weapon to use.

Taero1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

Gally is dead? Maybe I'll pick this up then...I didn't want to get it if noone would group with me as I quit before it went on sale again...I didn't know if there was another ascension method for the old weapons. Maybe I'll give it another shot when I get paid this weekend...

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MilkMan1156d ago

"In the end, Destiny: The Taken King is an exceptional new release and offers up everything that Destiny players wanted to see from the initial release last year."

No, you don't praise it for being the game it should have been. Especially when millions of players bought into the hype.

D3TH_D33LR1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

Why not? So sorry for your loss on year 1 but we can still recognize what it can do right going forward. Good thing schools don't place this attitude on your mistakes or grades. We may as well throw you in a van down by the river right now if that's the case.

Death1156d ago

I think you are missing the "exceptional new release" part of the statement. It's hard to say The Taken King is the game it should have been last year when it just released today.

kbozz711156d ago

Good thing people gave Diablo 3 another chance isn't it?

MilkMan1156d ago

Please. Lets not compare Diablo 3 to this trash.
There not even in the same universe. Vanilla D3 is infinitely more playable and diverse than vanilla Destiny. This is not an opinion but a statement of fact.
You could go numb with all the gameplay and options available on D3, where as I maxed out on Destiny in two nights and where bored to tears a couple of nights after that when I realized shooting caves and loot systems and light armor where in my future.

kbozz711156d ago

I personally can't stand D3 or any other top down arpg, but I sure read a crapload of articles about how awful it was at release. I don't like COD either, but I don't go around commenting on every COD article about how terrible I think it is. My point is if you don't like it don't play it. Also, any statement about a game, movie, tv show, etc is an opinion. Just like an a-hole, everybody has one. Just because you were bored to tears doesn't mean everyone was. Some of us have friends to raid/strike/crucible/and generally goof around with.

Taero1155d ago

@4.3.2 I agree on D3, I downloaded the one with DLC when it was on sale and it was just so...mediocre, I just held down R2 as a mage and destroyed everything around me, graphically mediocre and storywise it struck me as so similar to D2, oh no...Diablo is back...demon generals...what I have to kill them in predictable ways? Whatever shall I do?

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