Digi-Guys: WarDevil's definitely still in production

Speaking exclusively to PSB, WarDevil producer Digi-Guys Studios has confirmed that their latest project is still on its way. In fact, the studio is actually undergoing a large scale recruitment round right now! While they won't be at the Leipzig convention later this month, Digi-Guys have told us that they will be going public with new information on the project before the end of the year.

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IzKyD13314391d ago

awesome, im really hoping that theres enough to differentiate this from other action titles like DMC and God of War, i wonder whos the publisher?

Bombibomb4391d ago

I don't know why anyone thought Wardevil got canceled. has everything you need to know and it is confirmed to release in 2009.

I'm not sure who the publishers are but you don't need to worry about it going multi-platform. The 360 version never even went into development and now it's canceled. All the footage we've seen was running on PS3 hardware. 1080p native / 60 fps.

They're also working on a CGI Wardevil film and it might come bundled with the game.

thor4391d ago

Yes I think they are focusing their efforts on just PS3 so they can hit their 1080p60fps target. I can only presume they chose PS3 because of its superior tech. specifications. That said, we should see this game in late 2009 at the earliest, probably will still come out in 09 BUT I can't see what they are bringing to the table with wardevil. I mean, I presume it's just a hack-and-slash like we've seen hundreds of times before, and their only aim seems to be "make it look like a pre-rendered cinematic at 1080p60fps". Which is great, but we know how much games get criticised for having pretty graphics, even if they are a good game underneath, because they don't innovate or something. (killzone 2....)

mfwahwah4391d ago

I'm just glad we're getting news before the end of the year. I really want to know more about the story, because if the gameplay is generic hack-n-slash, then the story's the only thing that'll get me to buy this game.

dude_uk4391d ago

actually the reason why its exclusive to the PS3 is because sony bought the rights to the RET 1080 Engine...thus making Sony the "suposed" publisher

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Funny Poor Xbots4391d ago

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masterofpwnage4391d ago

dam xbots, look at this new ip. this is something u guys cant taste sinse all u guys are intrested is old franchise and ps3 games.

so all that shiit saying u got better games, but wen a ps3 game comes to u guys pee ur pants.

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LuHawk4391d ago

this will come out in 2015

Skyreno4391d ago

thats cool like to see a video !!!!

meepmoopmeep4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

i'm really interested in finding out more about the storyline and character. graphics are looking real good so far.

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The story is too old to be commented.