Sony Releases New PS4 Commercial, Encourages You to “Play the Best Games on PS4″

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe released today a new commercial for the PS4, titled “Play the Best Games on PS4.”

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Septic1128d ago

The only exclusive in the ad is a remaster. Why not show Until Dawn? I know its more a AA title as opposed to AAA but I think it deserves more exposure, based on what my mates have said about the game.

gangsta_red1128d ago

Seriously! Until Dawn should have been right in there.

Does Sony not believe in that title enough to showcase it right next to the likes of COD, Uncharted and AC?

Because I would take Until Dawn over any of the games (besides MGS) shown in the video.

madmonkey011128d ago

i agree untill dawn deserves more marketing, but games like that usually have long life through word of mouth.

S2Killinit1128d ago

Some people are complaining about the selection of games in an ad? Criticising that "Sony doesnt believe in such and such game" while injecting little snide remarks like "i know its not a AAA" lol come on guys, are you running out of ideas?

You guys have moved the goal posts so many times we dont even know where the goals ARE at this point.

gangsta_red1128d ago

"You guys have moved the goal posts so many times we dont even know where the goals ARE at this point."

Interesting...a lot of us are saying that Until Dawn deserves to be in that commercial because it's a great game and we're now moving goal, I guess.

S2Killinit1128d ago

First, who is "you" exactly? Secondly, who are "a lot of you"? Thirdly, you and septic were not praising until dawn, you wrre criticising Sony for "not believing in until dawn" and septic was claiming that Unti Dawn is only a "AA". Which is interesting because i dont know WHO makes that decision. I mean, is it the budget? Is it how big the advertising budget was? Or is it the graphics? Or how big the publishing company is? What makes a game AAA exactly? Or better yet maybe its got to be a big name sequel? Maybe thats what makes Until Dawn less than AAA? But to be honest with you, i think the reason why Until Dawn is only AA is so that xbox fanboys can then claim that there are no AAAs on PS4. Thats why the goal posts are nowhere to be found.

Septic1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )


Why didn't Sony pad out the advert with games that people like to add like Mlb, Tales and some other stuff?

They showed off ONE exclusive which is a remaster. Mate that's WEAK.

There is DEFINITELY a point to make that third party titles run best on the PS4 on consoles. That is a strong point and no one should downplay that. But in terms of exclusives worth talking about, well even Sony's own exec said it was lacking.

But this is the last year we get a boring lineup on PS4 I reckon. Next year is a guaranteed beastage and thereafter the momentum should continue

cannon88001128d ago

@ Septic

"on ps4" doesn't imply that those games have to be exclusives. It means that they want the ps4 to be the console of choice to play those games. That's the message that I thought they were trying to convey to the audience.

1128d ago
81BX1128d ago

I agree until dawn should be in there. Im sure they'll include it in a holiday add.

gangsta_red1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )


"Thirdly, you and septic were not praising until dawn"

Septic - I think it deserves more exposure, based on what my mates have said about the game.

Red - I would take Until Dawn over any of the games (besides MGS) shown in the video.

Red - I can honestly say Bloodborne, Axiom Verge and Until Dawn are excellent games for the system..

Just a few of the many praises on this article for Until Dawn.
And I have a better question that I and others are asking or wondering and you seem to be avoiding...

Why didn't Sony put Until Dawn in this commercial? A great game that does deserve more exposure and does deserve to be right there next to CoD and the Uncharted Collection.

"i think the reason why Until Dawn is only AA is so that xbox fanboys..."

So basically you want to turn this into a Xbox vs PS fanboy riot fest that has absolutely nothing to do with moving goal posts at all.

Sony could have had a much better commercial showcasing a lot more of their exclusives but somehow all you got out of the comments made were "xbox fanboys moving goal posts".

Why o why1127d ago

You all have valid points... thanks for the read

S2Killinit1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

@ Septic
Septic: "Why didn't Sony pad out the advert with games that people like to add like Mlb, Tales and some other stuff? They showed off ONE exclusive which is a remaster. Mate that's WEAK."

Well, maybe they have too many exclusives to put all of them into one ad. maybe they know better than you or me about what best interests people. or maybe, just maybe, these games happened to be the ones chosen? or better yet, maybe this is just the commercial you saw, and there is another one filled with all the other exclusives? why do you assume the world revolves around your perception?

Septic: "But this is the last year we get a boring lineup on PS4 I reckon. Next year is a guaranteed beastage and thereafter the momentum should continue"

Unfortunately for you, ever since the xbone announced the halo/forza/tombraider "best line up ever", 2/1/2 months have passed during which, the PS4 has had more exclusives. I believe even during the month of halos' release, PS4 will have a wider variety of exclusives. So, the question becomes, "boring" compared to what? if you mean xbone's line up is more exciting, well, I hope halo will do it for you until the holidays of 2016. But please don't act as if "holiday line up" consists of this vague time frame that started with the announcement of xbone's "best line up" ever, and will continue until the end of the year. PS4's exclusive line up is much more exciting to me, just FYI. I personally will take Shenmue next year, and Dragon Quest over everything released by Xbox since its inception (and yes that's including halo and forza, and you can throw in halo 6 for good measure)

Do you see how people down voted your comments? why do you think that is? maybe you should read your comment more carefully. I'm not the one turning this into a "fanboy riot fest", its your comments. I'm just pointing you out. You don't believe me? listen to what Septic is saying over here with his 30something disagrees.

Septic1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )


"Well, maybe they have too many exclusives to put all of them into one ad"

Lol yeah so many exclusives they didn't put any of them in the ad. Right. Not one.

Why did Sony say their lineup was bare? Where they wrong? Ah you guys know better

" maybe they know better than you or me about what best interests people."

Oh no wait they know better. Oh so the likes of MLB the show and tales Falafel aren't as interesting as these titles? Not worthy of an appearance on the ad? Hmmm.

listen to what Septic is saying over here with his 30something disagrees."

Lol what? Surely you must realise that this site is a Sony hive. The disagrees come pouring from all corners if you dare say anything bad about Sony or even dare to be critical.

Well let's agree to disagree. Sony and I seem to have similar tastes in sharing what we think are games worth advertising (minus Until Dawn).

ninsigma1127d ago

You know, you might get less disagrees (not that they matter) if you didn't twist things to suit yourself. Sony never said their line up was bare, you know they didn't yet you keep insisting they did. What they did say is that the first party line up (which is games owned by Sony and developed in house) is sparse. And this is true. Ps has tearaway unfolded and uc collection for first party games this autumn. Actually they have bloodborne expansion as well which was announced yesterday, then there's the third party and multi-plats too. In fact as far as I'm aware (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, I could be), the only first party ms has is forza and halo. So it's looking as if xbox is as sparse as ps in that department. The difference is ms didn't say so, instead they fluffed up their exclusive lineup to look better than it is (which is probably the better strategy even though house' statement was for investors and not us).

OB1Biker1127d ago

Wow guys it's only one commercial showing a few games. There will be many others and they can t possibly show so many PS4 games in just one commercial.
Sceptic we know you stated many times you think BloodBorne is the only 'decent' (whatever that means) exclusive on PS4 which is telling much about your bias so you shouldn't be that much concerned about which exclusives they should show in a commercial.

WillyC0091127d ago


Pretty ironic to watch Xbox supporters try to comment on another consoles exclusivity lineup considering Xbox has never had a remotely substantive/robust lineup in their existence. Keep preaching though.

CYCLEGAMER1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

I keep trying to tell you guys but I get slammed for saying it but IT IS RIGHT THERE IN YOUR FACES. Yoshida has even come out and said it in multiple interviews. He has basically said that their focus is not big AAA games, they have become too expensive, and not worth the return of investment.

Sony and MS have switched marketing strategies this gen. Last gen, MS was focused more on advertising multiplat games like COD as their own and catering to the masses, with a sprinkle of exlcusives. The ps3 was heavly focused on providing more, big AAA exclusives, and did less marketing of multiplat's. This gen those roles have reversed.

It is now proven, what strategy works best, even though I agree with the latter. Sony's focus on big AAA was awesome and I probably would have been considered a Sony fanboy last gen. This gen, I am more in favor of what MS is doing with their games lineup as it caters more to the type of gamer I am, just as sonys did last gen.

Christopher1127d ago

Because they wanted to only highlight the best games, Septic, and that means your big shooters, annual releases, and maybe one exclusive. You can't be trying to sell people your artsy-fartsy horror games. C'mon!

Very underwhelming commercial, to be honest.

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AngelicIceDiamond1128d ago

Sorry but besides The Nathan Drake Collection you can get all those games on X1 or PC. The commercial isn't that impressive. Until Dawn should of at least replaced Just Cause in the commercial.

Star Wars Battlefront or Hitman wasn't in there but again you can grab those two games on either X1 or PC.

If you like that's fine and I respect your opinion to death but imo its pretty disappointing.

Eonjay1128d ago

You see its really simple. The best games aren't exclusive.

Magicite1128d ago Show
christian hour1128d ago

"You see its really simple. The best games aren't exclusive."

You're right, The Last of Us was the WORST game -_-

Don't even get me started on how bad halo 2 was, totally ruined my 2004 -_-


MysticStrummer1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

There's no doubt that mainly multi plats will be the biggest sellers and that more copies will be bought and played on PS4. On top of that, PS4 will still have more exclusive games even after XB1's fall releases.

@Lito - That goes both ways. Last gen, smaller performance differences were big talking points for 360 fans on here. This gen, bigger differences have been downplayed. I knew last gen that 360 was performing better with multi plats but it didn't make me want one because I prefer PS exclusives. XB1 fans should feel the same if they love their exclusives, but that doesn't stop a new buyer (there are new gamers all the time) from buying the console that performs better with multi plats. Most games are multi plats after all.

Automatic791127d ago

@AngelicIce I notice gamers tend to flip flop or move goal post to what ever suites there agenda. Its been done so many times that sitting there and telling them multplatform games are on every system is a waist of time. The new goal post is that multiplats play better on there system of choice compared to another competing system when you and I know they play the same. Truth is its a great time to be a gamer lets enjoy the games. Game on your system of choice and enjoy the good times ahead.

Why o why1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

The new goalpost us multies play better on their system.......

What a load of crap...

Whats worst than a goalpost that does it with blinkers on. I guess you didnt notice any of the lot or df comparison articles last gen......i think their purpose was to determine the superiority of multiplats which was celebrated by the victors so......who's moving the goalposts again because its far from 'new'

Another thing you've left out is that both multies and exclusives have been celebrated not just multies. We know it bugs the guys who downplay multiplats now but you reap what you sow. Whats was good for the goose is good for the gander.

rainslacker1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Don't think it was encouraging people to play PS exclusives on the PS4, just the best games on the PS4. What's it matter if it's multi-plat in this case? Does that somehow negate Sony trying to get people to play the games on their platform, and does it mean that because it's available on the X1, that it's now not worth playing on the PS4? Sony makes money off these games if people play them on the PS4, so there ya go.

I'll be sure to write to Sony and suggest they say that people should play those games on the Xbox One instead. That seems much more reasonable because...well one of you Xbox fans will have to explain that one to me.

_-EDMIX-_1127d ago

? Who do you think its trying to impress? Fanboys? They are targeting all gamers, the reality is....those games are selling better on PS4, PS4 is selling better then both XONE and Wii U sometimes combined.

The reality is...when those games play better on PS4, sell better on PS4, they very much can market anything to sell PS4. I'm pretty sure many 3rd parties make deals to get those games shown during Sony events, Sony isn't just going to advertise other publishers games for free.

Some thing is clearly in it for them, they get to sell PS on that concept of games.

If you don't own a current gen system, those games to you are still new, they are still not able to be played by you, thus it still markets PS4.

Consider MGSV sold better on PS4. Do you think it matters that its on XONE? I mean....if PS4 sold better because that game, the game sold MORE units on PS4......ask yourself just how much that really hurt Sony?

They don't care. They care about making money and selling systems.

So yes, showing AC, Call Of Duty etc will get PS sold even if those titles are on XONE.

They are not better on XONE, they are not selling better then XONE and PS4 is outselling that platform.

Sony is making sure you see those games on PS4 and know its the "best" place to game. They'll be fine.

You can get Star Wars on PC, you can get Hitman on XONE etc The reality is, when they play better else where (or have a history of it) they will likely sell PS4's before they sell XONEs. Eonjay states it best, "The best games aren't exclusive" and I actually agree with him.

Most of the titles I get during a gen and love a lot are not really exclusive, some are, but my library is filled with multi platform games.

Sony is not just selling PS4s on Sony titles..they are selling that most of your titles you play, will play the best on PS4. Its not just about buying PS4 to play Sony might just be to play the best version of that title.

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lvl_headed_gmr1127d ago

Hmmm...the only thing I took away from that trailer was that the PS4 is the best place to play last gen games....4 of the 5 games were multiplats.

4 the players...hmmmmm

fattyuk1127d ago

you missed the point, one of the biggest points in that commercial

call of duty dlc first!!

for years the kids have wanted xboxs for cod/early map packs

this year it changes.

that wasnt an advertisement for playstation fanboys, that was an advertisement to the younger generation of gamers - who are gonna ask there parents for a certain console at xmas

1127d ago
lvl_headed_gmr1127d ago

Hmmm...Well it doesn't appear that PS4 CoD DLC first is holding any significant advantage....CoD appears to have a higher pre-order on MS consoles vs. Sony consoles dispite Sony having 25 million console sales.

So again, the only thing I walked away with from that trailer is the PS4 is the best place to play last gen games since there is nothing about the other multiplats shown that would indicate PS4 is the best place to play.

fattyuk1127d ago

lol this is the sort of advertisement that will nail it on the head with kids before xmas!

call of duty dlc first?
asssassins creed exclusive content?

all they needed was a fifa segment and that would of been great.

do people ever understand that not all advertisements are aimed as US LOT - you know grown ups who spend there time acting like children on the internet.

rainslacker1127d ago

Most of them don't realize that the vast majority of TV/social media commercials aren't aimed at us. We already know everything long before the bulk of the marketing money gets spent and we are cheap to advertise to, so why bother since we already know what we're going to buy for the most part.

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SaveFerris1128d ago

Showcasing the heavy hitters (multi-platforms and an exclusive).

SaveFerris1128d ago

Judging from the disagrees I guess some people feel the titles in the commercial are unpopular and will not sell much.

Army_of_Darkness1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

When it comes to multiplats, It is the best place to play. Exclusives are the added whipped cream on the funnel cake :-)

AngelicIceDiamond1128d ago

Judging from the disagrees you can grab those heavy hitters on X1 and PC besides Uncharted of course. Its just interesting to see everyone hype Multiplats like they're exclusives now.

And I think that's why ppl are disagreeing.

MysticStrummer1127d ago

@Angelic - The comment they're disagreeing with says it's mostly multi plats, so how would your theory make any sense?

_-EDMIX-_1127d ago

@Angelic- "Its just interesting to see everyone hype Multiplats like they're exclusives now. "


because its a fanboy war concept.

Business wise, why should they ignore 3rd parties? Those titles sell more units then exclusives do. Many, many 3rd party games will do better then in house exclusives.

So this idea that someone is "hyping" multiplats up like they are exclusive makes no sense.

No one is saying they are anything like exclusives and why does it matter? Who stated that they NEEDED to ONLY show first party games? OH you mean the ones with smaller marketing budgets and the ones that sell the least units? Really?

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yarbie10001128d ago

Metal Gear, Assassins Creed, Destiny, Call of Duty, and Nathan Drake

Rookie_Monster1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

All decent titles for PS4 owners to play this Fall.

I think we get these claims on both camps every year as seen from last Fall as well.
Xbox Is the "Best Place to Play" this Holiday, Microsoft Says

Where MS talked about their Fall exclusives are the key with Sunset Overdrive, Halo MCC, and Forza Horizon 2 and exclusive timed content for COD for "best place to play in the Fall".
PS4 vs Xbox One: Sony claims their console is “the best place to play this holiday”

Where Sony talked about Superior third party ports and exclusives like LBP3 and Driveclub and exclusive timed content for Destiny for their case for "best place to play in the Fall".

This Fall is no different as MS is boosting their case for bigger AAA exclusives, BC, and promising future tech like DX12, Windows 10 integration, and Cloud compute for their case while Sony is once again boosting Superior third party ports, exclusive like Uncharted Collection, future tech like PS VR, and sales to boost their case.

It is ultimately up to the gamers to decide what they considered best place to play. Better third party ports, true BC, controller and network preferences, better Fall exclusives in their opinion are just a few examples. Regardless, both consoles are great places for gamers to play this holidays. Happy gaming regardless of which console or consoles you are supporting.

Tobsesan1128d ago

Every GAMER can see which console offers the better lineup this fall.

Rookie_Monster1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )


No doubt to the majority, Halo 5, Forza 6 and Tomb Raider are hard to beat and most considered XB1 to have the better lineup this Fall. Having said that, there are a select few gamers here I see here that love nothing but niche Jap titles like DQ heroes, Persona 5, disgaea 5 and those are Fall releases as well so to them, maybe those games will put it over the top for them. I am just keeping that in mind and be objective about it.

1128d ago
MysticStrummer1127d ago

@Tobsesan - Every GAMER should know that not everyone enjoys the same games, so either console could honestly be said to have the better lineup.

rainslacker1127d ago

It's all subjective my friend. This whole back and forth is rather meaningless to the average console gamer who's getting a console this xmas because they will probably already know what they want, and to the younger set, marketing is going to be what makes up their mind...or their friends choices in console will do that.

I mentioned that the same things were being said last year by MS, and it did them no good except for one November. I have a feeling that this whole constant mention by MS that it has the best holiday line up is them just repeating something enough times that they hope it will actually influence those waiting for presents to ask for an X1 instead of a PS4.

I don't begrudge MS for what they're's their job after all, but the bickering on forums has gotten old long ago, and I think too many people have tried to over rationalize what MS has said, and over estimate it's actual effect. I also believe that they completely disregard the partnerships that Sony has made for this holiday with AC, COD, and most importantly SW:BF which is going to be huge this holiday with the new movie coming out.

I think on the Sony side, people discount how much of an effect Halo will have, are pretty spot on that Forza isn't a system seller, and are marginally underestimating that a TR exclusive deal may be a good push for MS...mostly because the uninformed will have no idea that it's only timed.

However, the biggest catalyst will be what type of games people are interested in. For the most part, each system would have you covered on any genre, with MS having a slight edge in the popularity of Halo, but Sony having an edge with marketing rights to SW:BF which will feature prominently this holiday.

Games will be on display left and right this holiday, and it's going to be that way because MS has pushed this whole, "Best Holiday Lineup" all year, so Sony obviously will reciprocate to the contrary.

I think for the general mass of consumers, it's going to come down to a game or two, and not all those other things you mention at the end of your comment. None of that other stuff is marketed much outside the hardcore gaming venues such as N4G.

1127d ago
XabiDaChosenOne1127d ago

@Rookie_monster "No doubt to the majority"
"Be objective about it"
Since we are being objective here do you mind providing evidence that Xboxs fall line up is superior in the eyes of the "majority"?

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Aloy-Boyfriend1128d ago

Good season for PS4. Tons of games to play. Can hardly complain

OB1Biker1128d ago

Wow so many trolls on this page. Yea I m the one who agreed there r tons of games to play this season. And the multiplat are well known to be marketed by playstation but people act as if they are surprised here.

Septic1127d ago

No one's surprised. But when one company constantly got lambasted for doing the same thing here, its time to call the hypocrites out. (it exists on both ends)

Exclusives don't matter anymore it seems. Hmmmm.

OB1Biker1127d ago

Haha sceptic. Who are you calling hypocrite then?

MasterCornholio1128d ago

Pretty much. Theres plenty coming to the PS4 whether multiplat or exclusive. As a PS4 owner im quite happy with the lineup.

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