Red Alert 3 Beta Now 500,000 Players Strong

Addict Gaming Wrote: "The open beta to Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 is now live. Red Alert 3 is the next highly anticipated installment in the popular real-time strategy franchise and forces players to take control of the Allies, Soviets, or the new Empire of the Rising Sun. In addition, players will have control over all units including bears, dolphins, kirovs, mirage tanks, and transforming machines.

Even though there have been many Command & Conquer games over the years, the last Red Alert came out nearly eight years ago in 2000, but if you're a Red Alert fan you won't have to wait much as the next installment of Red Alert will ship this October.

An EA rep contacted us earlier this morning, informing us that the BETA is now 500,000 users strong."

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Old Snake4317d ago

Meh C&C hasn't been relevent to me since Yuris revenge

kingfury4317d ago

Who gives a shiet. aint like anybody gonna play that trsah game anyway

dro4317d ago

dose any one know if the ps3 is still getting a port?

RAM MAGNUMS4317d ago

red faction is A PHKN FPS! Its not a RTS!?!

DaM! I'm watching my Game getting destroyed
by stupid ideas?!

Why does anybody have to buy another b.s.
Rts game (C&C) and why do you have to buy
The PHKN expansion pack?!

I want to download this on my ps3 but EA wants
to jerk off the xbutt & have them buy piece by piece.
Stupid = Money! I get it.

I will wait & get it perfected & free & on the backs of
taxpaying dogs.


badz1494316d ago

and I'm expecting maybe double or triple of that number will play pirated copies worldwide! as of currently, there is no saving PC and 360 gaming from piracy! wonder how much longer PS3 can resist the pirates' attacks!