Need For Speed 2015- Personalized Handling

Personalised Handling Style
How your car looks is just one piece of the puzzle and owning a beautiful car means nothing if driving it becomes the most unpleasant of tasks. Of course, handling is such a subjective area that no two people are the same, with tastes and preferences varying wildly.

Describing handling of any car is always a difficult task as so much of it comes through the feedback you feel in the controller and again, personal preference comes into play.

It’s for this reason that in Need for Speed you will have access to a dedicated suite of handling options, allowing you customize the handling of your ride to exactly how you like it.

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HD8bit2144d ago

Oh wow! That's exciting! Thank you for the good info and great article!

superchiller2144d ago

Too bad this game has a forced "always online" requirement, making it not worth getting at all. I'm a big fan of arcade racing games, and own most of the previous NFS games, but I'll just skip this one due to that crappy "feature".

Sniperwithacause2144d ago

You had to be on the Internet to post in this forum fight now righr?
So why is it a pain the be on the Internet while playing this game? Do you have auto sign I'm on the console? I don't see the big deal. I'm online signed in while I play, so it it requires something that I'm already doing.....

IRetrouk2144d ago

But should it really be needed?? If for whatever reason you dont have access to internet all you have is a coaster or a downloaded game that wont work... Ic you pay for the game then you should be able to play online or ofd.

marloc_x2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )


It's bad enough having a paywall for online access in the first place..sad really.

Sniperwithacause2144d ago

I can't wait for the game actually.
Why pay a monthly rate for Internet service just to not use it while playing!?