So What If Jim Brown Sues Madden?


"Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown is suing EA (and Sony, oddly enough) for using his likeness in the Madden series without paying him. It's a strange lawsuit but it could actually have some significant consequences for the games.

So what's the case?"

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D3acon4315d ago

Why is he only sueing Sony what about microsoft and nintendo? Odd.

Funky Town_TX4315d ago

I don't think that game was on xbox1 or N64. Or maybe the throwback team was exclusive to the PS platform. Just take all involved to court and let the judge do his job.

omodis4204315d ago

EA finally got called on this one. They will loose. It just means they pay up or get rid of the feature. I have been playing Madden sense 95 and only once or twice have I used it.

Topshelfcheese4315d ago

This is in no way a winner for Brown. I guess our legal system could be messed up enough for him to win, but imo if the player didn't say his name than its not him. I guarantee the face on that player looks nothing like Jim brown.

Imallvol74315d ago

Sony just can't catch a break this generation, lol. Even though madden is on every console, they rule out sony! LOL

Panthers4315d ago

Ya whats up with that? This story as well as the Fat Princess story has been plastered all over Yahoo.

FantasyStar4315d ago

I think people are more-or-less just joking around with the game and not taking Fat Princess seriously. You'd have to be a raging fat person with no self-assertion or humor to take offense at a game like Fat Princess.

That's like all the german people taking offense at all the WW2 games out there.

Megatron084315d ago

@FantasyStar like no one took RE5 being called racist for featuring black people in africa seriously ? or how no one took Mass Effect for featuring "full nuded" and "interactive sex scenes" seriouslly ? People take even the most stupid attacks on videoes games very seriously even those that are not base in fact. However EA deserves this one and if he wins hopefully it will up for others who EA has screw to do the same

Zerodin4315d ago

Black Chuck Norris!
He won't sue Sony, he'll use his Karates on it, and Hassan CHOP the money out of them.

rockleex4315d ago

Simple, they had no involvement in the development of the game or placement of Jim Brown in the game.

Just like how Sony can't be sued for the inclusion of Hot Coffee within San Andreas by Rockstar.

Its also impossible for Sony to check through every single game that comes out on each of their systems in case something shouldn't be included. Its impossible. Its also the responsibility of the game developer, not Sony.